Ten Things I’ve Done During Social Distancing that I’d Never Ever Get To Do

social distancing


It’s officially day 1 of lock down in South Africa but the kids and I have already been social distancing in the safety of our home for 2 weeks! Not even a walk in the park, not even a drive, absolutely no outdoor movement. Kurt had to be in the office up until this week and he pretty much done all the errands that needed to be done before everything shuts down.

I haven’t been panic buying, I just bought the essentials online to get us through the next couple of weeks.

I’ve been working from home, while seeing to the kids, cleaning, trying not to lose the plot and just taking it one day at a time.

Even though I’ve had my hands full, I’ve actually had time to get to things I haven’t really been able to prior to this outbreak.

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Best Honeymoon Destinations

Best Honeymoon Destinations

Happy Love Month everyone! I hope you’re enjoying it with your loved ones so far. Every Valentine’s month I always find myself thinking about jetting off on a holiday, just Kurt and I – imagine that! It would take an awful amount of planning to even do that for a weekend.  I often think back to our Honeymoon and holidays pre-kids days. It was absolute bliss to just book those cheap flights and not have to worry about much else for the trip! Gone are those days.

Nevertheless, I thought I’d share some of the best honeymoon destinations we considered and a bit about the countries we visited on our Honeymoon ! 

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Aidan’s Tonsillectomy Recovery Diary


Before I start this post I’d just like to say that I am by no means a healthcare professional, this post is purely our experience. 

Aidan recently underwent a tonsillectomy , adenoidectomy, grommets inserted AND his sinuses flushed! He’s just 4 years old so I was extremely anxious about the whole thing. We knew it had to be done at some point but we didn’t anticipate that the ENT would recommend having it done asap!

Aidan’s nose has been blocked for more days of his life than it’s been unblocked. It got progressively worse and over the last couple of months, he struggled to breath while sleeping. The ENT said that by removing his enlarged tonsils and adenoids and inserting a tiny tube, it will significantly improve his breathing.

I knew that it was a relatively “minor” procedure but I also suspected that the recovery from the surgery could be pretty rough. And I actually had no idea what to expect.

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Fun Date Night Ideas & Win A Fragrance Set From Eden Perfumes

date night ideas

February is here and every shop window is filled with red and white! Our social media feeds are flooded with lovely gift ideas and its all there to celebrate the big day on the 14th of February!

There’s no doubt that Valentine’s day is way over commercialised. But at the same time I love that it gives us the opportunity to celebrate with those we love. It’s just a sweet reminder to show the ones we love how we really feel!

It’s been a while since Kurt and I actually went on a date night for Valentine’s day. We’ve been celebrating with the kids over the last few years. This year, we may just change that! 

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