What to do in Cape Town this school holidays

winter school holidays

Can you believe we are half way through the 2022 school year?

Winter school holidays always seem like it’s the longest and hardest to keep the kids busy and it’s probably because we are mostly stuck indoors thanks to the cold and rainy weather.

Thankfully, there are some great events and venues that have some great ideas and things to keep the kids occupied and entertained this school holidays.

Moms and Dads, I’ve done you a little favour – I’ve rounded up a list of whats happening in and around Cape Town this school holidays to help you plan the next few weeks ahead.

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A few books my kids are enjoying

With the cooler weather setting in, we are starting to spend a lot more time indoors. I am not going to lie – I kind of love it!

My kids also enjoy being at home when its cold and rainy outside as it gives us time to chill and relax as a family.

The cooler weather also gives us time to catch up on some reading. We all love to snuggle up with a good book – especially when it’s pouring outside!

I often get asked for book recommendations for kids, so I thought I’d share what the kids have enjoyed reading lately!

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AirPop Masks Review

By now, we are all so used to living the “masked life”, especially the kids! It’s hard for them to even remember life without having our faces covered up.

Alyssa and Aidan are so used to mask wearing that I sometimes need to remind them they can take it off when we are driving in the car!

Although life is somewhat returning “back to normal” and mask wearing is no longer required outdoors, it doesn’t look like mask wearing is going anywhere – especially with Winter on it’s way.

We were recently sent some Airpop masks to try out and it has really come in handy!

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I Influenced My Husband To Read

influenced my husband to read

I absolutely cringe when someone calls me an “Influencer”. Yes, I know – these days it’s a collective term to describe anyone that has a platform online and that does include my little corners on the internet. However, the title is something I can’t get used to. My purpose on my platforms is to inspire rather than influence, but anyway – that’s a topic for another day.

But when I positively “influence” someone who I am married to – I will gladly grab that title with both hands, especially when it relates to one of my absolute favourite things – books!

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