The One Thing I Stopped Doing That Improved My Marriage

one thing i stopped doing that improved my marriage

Kurt and I will be married 10 years next week and naturally, I’ve been reflecting on our life together. It seems surreal that we’ve been married for a decade. There’s been ups and downs, highs and lows but most of all, its been fun all the way and the fact that I still feel this way is the best!

I’m sure most married people get irritated with their partners every now and again. It’s completely normal to have disagreements. Kurt and I irritate each other quite often and sometimes something that may seem minor afterwards would usually get to me so badly.

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How Do I Get My Child To Stop Crying At School Drop Off?

stop crying at school drop off

How do I get my child to stop crying at school drop off?

This was the question I asked myself day in and day out for the entire first half of this year.

It was the weirdest thing. Aidan started school in the last term of 2017 and he settled in so well in the toddler class and it actually seemed a breeze. But when school re-opened this year everything just seemed un-familiar to him. New children, new teachers, some of his friends moving to the “big class” – and Aidan just didn’t take very well to those changes.

He would start crying the moment we pulled up at school or he’d start breaking down once I walked him to his class and was about to leave. But the funny thing was that he was having a perfectly fun time once I made my exit, but beginning the day this way was really breaking my heart into a million pieces.

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WIN A R500 Voucher From The Crazy Store & Check Out The New Pastel Baking Range

the crazy store baking

This school holiday Alyssa and Aidan are all about relaxing and chilling at home! While doing just that, a little surprise arrived on our doorstep from The Crazy Store.

That could only mean one thing – lots of crazy fun was in store!

If you watched my Instastory or Facebook story where they opened up the box, I bet you could see how enthusiastic they were to see what was inside.

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Win With Whoosh And Keep Your Phone Clean

Whoosh Phone cleaner

This may sound extremely gross – but it’s the truth ….

Your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat!

A recent survey showed that over 17 000 copies of different bacteria are present on the phones of the average student!  This is 10 times more than the average toilet seat!

We check our phones over 40 times per day and do not consider the fact that bacteria and germs get transferred from our fingers to our phone on every touch! A good way to try and avoid harmful germs from getting onto your phone is avoiding using your phone when going to the bathroom.  When toilets flush, for example, it spreads germs everywhere and if you were on your phone, those germs are now going out of the bathroom with you!

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