Do You Know Your Love Language?

The 5 Love Languages

Being married for almost 10 years – you’d think that Kurt and would know every single thing about each other. That’s what I thought too. But over the last month or so, we were proven wrong. I started reading Gary Chapman’s bestseller “The 5 love languages” after hearing and reading about the elusive love languages in countless conversations and articles.

And after reading the book, I can honestly say that I’ve found a “secret” to a long and happy marriage.

Have you heard about the 5 love languages ? If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary and my understanding of it.

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Why The Kitchen Is The Heart Of Our Home + Win With Daily Dish

dinner ideas

If someone asks me what my favourite room in our home is, I always say it’s the Kitchen. That may sound strange, as I’m not really big on cooking and Kurt takes care of most of the meals.

The way it’s decorated possibly has a role to play, but it’s mainly for what it means to our family on a daily basis.

The kitchen is the room where we provide nourishment for our family. It’s where we all come together. We all know the saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” In my home, it’s kind of the other way round 🙂

The kitchen provides our sustenance through food, but it’s also where special connections are made. I done a poll on my Instagram stories and 80% of those who answered, shared the sentiment that the Kitchen is the heart of the home. 

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Alyssa’s Moana Themed Birthday Party

Moana birthday party

Last weekend we celebrated Alyssa’s 5th birthday with a Moana themed party. We celebrated under the hugest beautiful tree in true island style with friends and family.

In my 5 years of parenting (gosh, that’s half a decade already lol) and hosting kiddies parties, this was the very first one that I handled everything on my own and not left it up to a party venue. So from decor, food, set up and theme – I had to do it all from scratch.

Of course, Moana’s Dad pitched in where he could especially where the catering was concerned – but all the planning and organizing was up to mwah.

These first few weeks of the year has been busy and productive, so I was finding it hard to squeeze all the preparation into my schedule, so everything was kind of left to the last minute. And then on the last minute, Alyssa fell ill with a tummy bug, which means I had even less time to pull it all together.

Nevertheless, it all turned out well. And she had the best day!

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5 Things We Love About You, Alyssa

Dear Alyssa

Happy, happy birthday my sweet Angel.

Just 2 weeks ago, your best friend turned 5 and you told me it seems like forever until you’ll be 5! But here we are – you are officially 5 – a whole hand. High Five! It wasn’t that long of a wait, was it?

I’m so sorry that you had a tough week fighting off a gastro bug, but I’m so glad that you’re feeling better and that you’re on your A game to celebrate your special day with friends and family.

Instead of giving you a birthday card today, I thought I’d leave something here that you could perhaps read in lets say another 5 years or 10 years or even 2 decades later!

Over this last year you have grown up to be a real little lady and there are a few qualities that have stood out and are really noteworthy – 5 to be exact.

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