I’m A Bad Mom, So What


I’m a Bad Mom… so what. Sorry, not sorry.

Every Bad Mom has their own definition of the meaning. And every Bad Mom has their own reasons for being “bad”.

If you haven’t watched the movie Bad Moms (which you totally should) I’m sure you’d have seen one or another movie where there are characters playing the perfect group of Soccer Moms.

You know the ones that are on the PTA and bakes the most beautiful cake for the bake sale? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being that perfect Mom, in fact, some of us (including me) may aspire to be that Mom at times – but realistically – that is just NOT me!

And honestly….I don’t feel bad about it. Here’s why

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{WIN} Wriggle And Rhyme With The New Bush Babies CD

A few weeks ago, we received a package from the lovely Kirsty from Wriggle and Rhyme. I was already familiar with the brand as Alyssa’s school has participated in one of their programs.

I was very excited to hear about the launch of their new Bush Babies CD – but, I cannot even explain how very much Alyssa and Aidan have been enjoying listening to the CD! The kids have been begging to listen to it every day since.

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What 9 Years Of Marriage Has Taught Me

Today, Kurt and I are celebrating 9 years of Marriage. Yay!

I’m no marriage expert but Kurt and I must be doing something right if we are still together right?

Marriage is definitely not all peaches and roses 24/7, 365 days a year; but 1 special gesture or event can make up for and override all of the not-so-peachy times. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage anyway, so it comes with the territory I suppose.

These days it’s not uncommon to hear of marriages ending within a couple of years of tieing the knot. It’s so sad really.

It feels like just yesterday that we walked down the aisle, but at the same time, it seems as if we’ve been together for a lifetime. There are a few lessons I’ve learned about marriage over the last 9 years and I thought today would be a good day for some reflection.

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Beefing Up My CV With GetSmarter – Module 1 Update

Orientation & Module 1

My online course has officially started with GetSmarter and so far, so good!

I was initially a bit anxious about getting started and thought that I’d be overwhelmed with information about where; what and how everything works – but thankfully, just before Module 1 started, my new online classmates and I had to complete an orientation module which I found extremely useful.

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