Can We Force Our Kids To Be Religious?

So yesterday,  Alyssa attended her first official Sunday School Class in Church.

We are a Christian Family, but to be honest, we’ not been going to Church very regularly – especially since we’ve become parents. When we did go, I’d always miss most of the service and spend the time in the cry room or running after the kids.

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My Wardrobe Dreams Realised

So almost 3 years after moving into our additional renovated bedroom, we finally have a bedroom closet!

Renovations are definitely the worst thing to prepare a budget for. The unexpected always seems to happen and your budget spreadsheet may as well be moved to your recycle bin before you even see the end of the project. This was our experience, at least. Midway through we had reprioritised and cut out things which could wait until later.

Well, this was one of those items. We had more than enough space in the cupboards in the other bedrooms at the time, but with an extra kid around and a daughter with a complete dress fetish – we had to make a plan to get our own space.

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Win BIG and SMALL adventures with STORKS Johnson’s® Baby Gentle All Over Wipes – Closed


Alyssa and Aidan seem to be growing at the speed of light!

Gone are the baby days of sitting peacefully on their play mat – these two are always embarking on an adventure of some sort.

Their imaginations run wild and I’m quite amazed at their creativity. One of their favourite things to do at home is to bake lovely “cakes and muffins” at the sandpit in our garden, and then bring it into the house for Mom and Dad to taste. Mmm …

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Are You Tired Mommy?


Today is World Sleep day – a day created to celebrate sleep and provide a call to action on related issues, such as how a lack of sleep can affect our ability to function on a day to day basis.

There are many people who suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea and insomnia and research shows that these sufferers are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

When you become a parent, regardless of your normal sleep patterns and struggles, sleep becomes a challenge for the whole family. We as parents tend to focus so much on our kids and their well-being, that we don’t worry enough about our own….

Always Remember,  Happy Mom = Happy Baby. So get some sleep!

Why is sleep so important?

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