Stuff We’re Loving Right Now – October

This month has been a busy one thus far and it’s so crazy to think that in less than 2 months the silly season will be hitting us!

I’ve been feeling so run down and “rushed” lately, I’m not sure this is the right words but that’s exactly how I feel – like there’s too little time in the day to getting everything done and just a bit fatigued. Some things have made our lives a little bit easier or took the edge off this month though, and perhaps it could work for you too…

Here are a few things which have helped us out this month:



I love shopping for baby items on Babygroup and recently found this dinner plate, which allows your kid to fit building blocks and toys on. Even the fork and spoon “clicks” onto the plate. This works like a charm when you are trying to get a restless child to eat. Aidan is a busy boy and it can sometimes be a challenge to get him in a calm state, whereby he can eat properly!



A few months ago, I received a Nap Strap to try out. I was very eager to try it out, as the bigger front-facing seat Alyssa upgraded to, does not have the best headrest for sleeping. Her head kept tilting forward when she fell asleep and it looked as if her neck was not properly supported. The nap strap does the trick of keeping her head back when the car moves around, so that she can sleep peacefully during the car ride.


My face has been extremely dry lately, to the point where its peeling! I think its due to some early morning runs without any cap or sunblock. I really learnt the hard way. I went looking for a cure for my flaky face and the ladies over at Sorbet recommend I try the sun protection face cream SPF50 as well as a facial tissue oil to put under my moisturiser every night. Its worked wonders to my face and also thanks to the facial we enjoyed on our Couples spa day to celebrate our wedding anniversary this month, my face no longer feels like sandpaper.



When we received an invitation to get a sneak peak of the first Dunkin-Donuts store at N1 City, I can’t tell you how excited my husband was. I don’t blame him. We were so lucky to have a taste of whatever we wanted on the menu and for those of you who haven’t had a taste just yet – the donuts are AH-MAZING and the Coffee is just magnificent. The kids also had access to the newly opened play area, which was the perfect after school treat.

I just confirmation that Dunkin Donuts will be opening its second store in Cape Town – in Canal walk, that is. They will open their doors on the 4th of November. Yay!

**WIN** A Pampers Pants Hamper For Your Little One


Last week I shared our take on the Pampers Pants which Aidan has started wearing.

Here’s a funny story about it – I was traveling a lot for work last week and Kurt had to change a few extra diapers whilst I was away 🙂

When I got home on Friday, he  told me that these new diapers Aidan is using, is just  not working out. He says that when Aidan makes a poo in them, it is a total mess when he has to take off the diaper. He says Aidan’s Nanny also complained about it.

I could not understand what he meant, until Kurt watched me change a diaper that evening!

Turns out, they were removing the Pampers Pants by just pulling it down like underwear. When they done that, Aidan tossed and turned and it got very messy. Kurt used so many wet wipes this week and poor Aidan had to be bathed each time.

I had to carefully explain to him that the side panels actually just tear off so you can easily clean and change the diaper, making it so much easier than  a taped one.


Would you like for your baby to try out some Pampers Pants? Along with some wet wipes, just in case! I’m giving 2 readers a chance to try it out! Enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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**Please note that the Pampers Hamper consists of sample size packs, as pictured above.

Is Your Baby Ready For Pampers Pants? Aidan is…



Aidan is such a busy boy and does not remain still for a second!

Changing his diaper was becoming a challenge for me, as he would toss and roll around. Taped nappies are not easy to put on him at all and he keeps opening the tape whilst I try to close it!

It was for this very reason that I was so excited when Pampers sent me some Pampers Pants for Aidan to try out.

Aidan was too….

Continue reading

Can Shopping For Groceries Online Save You Money?

I now know for sure that I’m not alone in my frustration with exorbitant grocery bills and its evident that most of us are looking for ways to save on this massive expense.

Prices are continuously increasing, there’s no two ways about that, so we have to be smart about how we spend our moola.

In one of my posts, a reader left a comment suggesting that online shopping works for her as she doesn’t get tempted to add unnecessary extras to her cart – unlike a usual trip to the grocery store. You know the saying – never shop when you hungry? Well, with online shopping, you can eat while you click and not get tempted!

I thought it was a great idea and that I’d give it a try at some point and see if it could work for us. I put it off for a while as I hadn’t done all my homework on it just yet (I love reading fine print 🙂 ) , but when I spent 30 minutes in a queue waiting in line to pay one Saturday afternoon, I immediately started my research. Continue reading

Book Club: The Last Rhinos


It was a pure coincidence that during the month of World Rhino Day, this book landed on my doorstep. This is not necessarily a choice of book I would go out and buy, but I must say its one of the most gripping real-life stories I’ve read.

Written by Lawrence Anthony, who shares stories about the happenings at his private game reserve Thula Thula.

Prior to reading the book, I knew of rhino poaching but never thought too much about the extent of it in this country. I am now even more saddened by the plight of rhinos in South Africa who are being poached and are literally being pushed to the brink of extinction. Continue reading

**WIN** Dinosaurs of DinosAlive Are Coming To Cape Town – Competition Closed


Are your kids big Dinosaur Fans like Alyssa is? Then this one is for you…

The DinosAlive exhibition, an interactive showcase of the reptiles of prehistoric ages, is due to set up camp in Cape Town and will be situated at Cape Gate Shopping Centre from 18 November – 08 January.

All of the 25 animatronic (allowed to animate) dinosaurs on display are modelled in immaculate detail after their ancestors to give visitors a true taste of the time when these magnificent lizards roamed the earth. The gentle giant, Triceratops, cinema celebrity, Velociraptor and South African Pachycephalosaurus are only some of the popular attractions on display. The life-sized T-Rex model (the only one of its kind in South Africa) is a staggering 7-metres tall and is truly a spectacle to behold.

Since its inception in December 2014 at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, the exhibition has been a hit with adults and children alike. “Dino lovers and newcomers alike will truly feel like they’ve gone back in time!” says Expo Africa Director and event organiser, Etienne Schlechter.




Some of the interactive activities at the DinosAlive exhibition include T-Rex and Apatosaurus rides, the Dino Movie Room and a fossil display. For the little one’s there will be face painting, a jumping castle, a drawing table and the excavation site – a sandpit filled with “fossils”, where young archaeologists can put their skills into action.

Tickets are available at Computicket and there are some Early Bird ticket prices to take advantage of! Don’t miss out!

Want to win tickets to the expo? Here’s your chance to win one of two family passes to attend the expo! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below:

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Making Memories With Pampers: My Parenting Journey



Time is a precious commodity, especially when it comes to parenting.

From the first time you see those 2 lines on a pregnancy test your whole world changes as you start embracing the amazing journey of what parenting has to offer. Next thing you know, your baby starts walking and talking! It all happens so quickly.

At first and naturally so, the fear of the unknown kicks in and you start to wonder, will I be a good parent? There’s a lot to think about and if you haven’t had any practice, you will of course need to do your homework on things like how to change a diaper, burp a baby and figure the whole breastfeeding thing out.

My sources of information throughout my pregnancy and parenting journey has been from Doctors, friends, family and books to fellow Mom Bloggers across the world who have and are going through this same roller-coaster ride.

There are however a few natural instincts which kick in when you become a parent and it comes without doing any kind of research.  You know that “gut feeling”? – that’s what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Am I The Only One Spending A Fortune On Groceries Every Month – Follow Up Post


Just over 6 weeks ago, I shared my frustration about the enormous amount of money I’ve been spending on groceries. Judging by the responses to the post, it seems that I am not the only one who’s feeling the crunch and looking for ways to save and get the most value out of our money – including other bloggers like Zoe from Born Geek and Natalija from Frugal in SA.

Since then I’ve been very conscious about my spending on groceries and Kurt and I have made a few changes, especially with regard to our meals in the evening – which is probably the meal we spend the most on. Previously, we would just decide on the day what we felt like eating that evening and cook that. On occasion, we were also very indecisive and ended up getting Nando’s or other take-aways, which is not that cheap to feed a family of four.

I can’t say exactly how much we’ve saved just yet, but there have been some notable differences after making these few changes: Continue reading

Motherhood Update – Aidan at 18 months


18 months – Yep, that’s right!

A year and a half has passed since Aidan Cole Malan came and rocked our world!

The other night I realised that when Alyssa was this age, I was already expecting Aidan and we were so at ease with the decision to have our second child. Alyssa was so passive and calm that we were totally ok with welcoming a new baby into this world. Little did we know how different these two kids would be.

Aidan is like a little energizer bunny… the only time he sits still is when he’s eating or sleeping – basically just to recharge his batteries. He is very demanding and will shout and scream until he gets what he wants. Continue reading

October School Holiday activities at the V&A Waterfront

Schools out and it’s that time when parents start getting anxious about how they are going to entertain their kids for the next couple of weeks.

The V&A Waterfront is Alyssa’s favourite place in Cape Town and we always look forward to what they have to offer the kids during the holidays.

This holiday they don’t disappoint – here’s whats in store: Continue reading