Kitchen Treasures

soup bowl

With our home renovations nearing completion, my husband and I began arranging, sorting and re-packing our new kitchen this past weekend. It took longer than expected due to the fact that we had a 16 month old trying to help us…. you know how that story goes.

I must admit that I  do not spend much time cooking  in the kitchen and my hubby is definitely the Masterchef of our household, but i do love spending quality family time in that space.

While we were packing, i decided to take pictures of some of my treasures which have sentimental value to me… its definitely not the biltong maker or vintage sandwich press which the hubby would deem  treasures…

The first treasure is my set of soup bowls handed down to me from my Mother, initally from my late Grandmother. It’s dated 1962 underneath each bowl so i really have to pack it far out of Alyssa’s reach now, so that i can eventually hand them down to her one day.



Ahhhh… then there’s my daschound cake lifter…I’m definitely a dog person – proud owner of a Daschund and Basset hound… so whenever i see anything resembling any of those hounds ….  I MUST have it. We found this cake lifter while on honeymoon in Switzerland 6 years ago…. gosh it seems like a lifetime ago.



Then there’s my candle holders from the very first Christmas lunch we hosted in our home…. yes there was other items that we had on the tables but this just reminds me of that day….



For our 2 year weddng anniversary my hubby took the modern yet traditional route and gave me this gorgous tea set which i absolutely adore.


I cant wait to have a few ladies over for tea once the renovations are complete.


Ok so these last 2 items i pictured together for no apparent reason, they just looked good together. On the left is a tea infuser which I bought at Poetry when i was almost 9 months pregnant. I bought it to brew rasberry leaf tea which is supposed to help bring on labour and help with labour (I dont think it worked though…. i carried for 42 weeks and the tea tasted like grass)

On the right is a gift from my Mother in Law – great to have on the snack table when entertaining and i just love the artwork.

What items do you hold close to your heart?

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