I was soooooo excited to see that Zara will be opening in Tygervalley centre very soon. The location is way more convenient for me as I will now be able to visit the store during my lunch break 🙂

Zara is definitely one of my favorite stores especially when it comes to my work wardrobe and the adorable baby and kid’s apparel!

Alyssa"s First birthday shoes

Alyssa”s First birthday shoes

I almost died and went to shopping heaven when I first walked into a ZARA store which was about 6 years ago while honeymooning in Europe! The Europe stores are a lot bigger than the South African stores but I am just grateful that they decided to hit the southern Hemisphere. With a store opening right on my doorstep shortly, I am going to have to control myself!

Last year I was on a Management development Programme for my day job and was super excited when we had to do an assignment on the Zara brand for one of the modules. I was certainly intrigued by Zara’s unconventional business model which involves stocking very little items and updating collections often! Other brands tend to only update their items only once a season – Zara restocks their shelves twice a week.

The strategy obviously works well as it definitely encourages people like me to come back to the store often and it also means that if a shopaholic wants to buy something – he or she will have to buy it before it sells out 🙂 Clever, right? From my studies (don’t quote me) I remember that a Zara shopper buys on average, 17 items per annum from their store! That’s impressive.

I also just love the blue bag you get to take your purchase home in but I must admit that I hate the black bag I recently had to take my sale items home in 🙁

Other than the black sale bag – it’s one of my fave stores!

What are your favorite stores at the moment?




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