A taste of Summer… takes all your cares away

Alyssa and Trevor soaking up the sun

Alyssa and Trevor soaking up the sun

This past weekend Summer made an appearance and seems to have left Cape Town once again. We however soaked up the sun and made the most of it. The weekend could not have come any sooner as the week past and the week to come was rather difficult…. so much going on!!!

Alyssa has a new caregiver which comes to our house everyday and will also, in the next couple of months, be going to toddler school half day. My Mom has taken care of her since I went back to work after maternity leave but logistically it wasn’t easy and once she goes to school it would not be possible for her to go all the way to my Mom after school. It certainly gave me peace of mind for my Mom to take care of her when she was so small and will always be grateful but I think Alyssa is now at that stage where she needs some educational stimulation and also some interaction with other kids.

The new caregiver started last week and my husband and I took a few days off for this transitional period. We went out and left her with the caregiver for short periods and then increased it day by day. It was extremely hard hearing her cry when we left but the caregiver assured us that she cries for 5 minutes after we leave and then she’s fine once distracted.

I know the crying will still happen for a while and I suppose it will take time for her to get used to the new arrangement but it’s still a difficult pill to swallow.

It ain’t easy being a working Mom…and Dad for that matter.

Anyway, here are some pictures we took over the sunny weekend past….

Alyssa and Tony Vienna

Alyssa and Tony Vienna, my 10 year old Daschound

Fun in the garden

Fun in the garden


Feeding the animals at the petting zoo at Stodels




Sunday was beach day!

Sunday was beach day!




Do you have any tips to make this transition any easier for my little family?




  1. cat@jugglingact October 8, 2014

    It really isn’t easy being a working mom. My advice – just persevere. Do not let the crying get to you – you have to be consistent. Same for when she goes to school. What does help is to leave some specific activities – ie painting, playdough – something new or different to take the edge off and occupy the mind

  2. Cindy October 9, 2014

    Leaving them was really hard for us too, but distraction has been the only thing that’s helped. Even Knox still cries for me after I’ve left him with my Mom In Law (who he adores!). It’s hard no matter what but time normally helps a bit. Good luck!

  3. hayleysjoys October 9, 2014

    Thanks ladies. It’s getting easier each day and the power of a little distraction is definitely working 🙂


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