Weekend roundup


Not a month goes by without at least 1 kiddies party for Alyssa to attend and with Summer here I’m sure there are going to be many more to come. We attended a 2 year old party on Saturday at Green Point Urban Park for my friends little boy …. he’s really so flippin cute! He’s really into fixing things like his Dad and so the theme of the party was along the lines of Bob the Builder. Just look at the cool cake.


Alyssa had such a blast and just wanted to put her little feet in the water.



Fooling around with Mom while eating her third cupcake

The park is such an awesome venue for a kiddies party, especially this time of year. Alyssa’s birthday is in February though… I think it would just be way to warm at the park at that time.

Our Sunday was pretty chilled. My hubby spent most of the day in the garage working on a little DIY project for me, which I will share with you guys soon! While he was busy, the coolest thing ever happened…. Alyssa made her first wee-wee in the potty!

We bought Alyssa a potty a few months ago and she enjoyed “playing” with it… i.e. using it as a chair with or without clothing on, but she just never made the connection of what she actually  had to do on it. On Sunday however, she made that connection. I screamed so loudly with excitement that the hubby ran in from the garage thinking that something was wrong 🙂 Later in the day she asked to wee on the potty again and made another wee so I’m sure this is the start of a good thing!

I spent Sunday afternoon at the shops looking for some maternity clothing. I must admit that I am rather disappointed in the department stores who no longer have a maternity section….. not that they had a major variety at the time of my last pregnancy but at least it gave an expecting Mom some options. I didn’t buy much maternity clothing with my last pregnancy as I could fit into normal clothing for most of the pregnancy but towards the end I had to get a few items, especially for work. This time round I’m  showing a lot sooner and there is no way I will be able to fit into my normal sized clothing for much longer.

I found a few maternity items at Truworths  & Mr Price and some non-maternity items (which look and fit like maternity) at other stores some of which I will share with you in up and coming posts.

Well… that sort of sums up our weekend.
I hope this new week will be a good one for all!

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P.S. Do you have any other suggestions for reasonably priced maternity clothing stores?










  1. Cindy October 29, 2014

    Have you tried Woolies? I bought jeans there that I wore for all three of my pregnancies – they were amazing!

    • hayleysjoys October 29, 2014

      Unfortunately Woolies and Edgars no longer stock maternity clothing 🙁


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