Weekend roundup


We had such a relaxing weekend for the first time in a very long while. Without a list of things to do, we leisurely enjoyed the beautiful Cape Town weather. On Saturday morning we went to the V and A waterfront for breakfast and browsed through the V And A watershed. It was the first time I’d been to the watershed and I will definitely be back again.


Alyssa now enjoys her own babycinno at breakfast as it looks similar to Mom’s morning cup of coffee (although Mom is only allowed decaf for now). I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up and learning new things. It  was just 2 months ago that my hubby and I were stressing about her adapting to her new caregiver and now she basically tells us to go to work in the mornings so that she and the caregiver can start playing. In January however she will be going to school half-day and will still be with the caregiver until Mom or Dad gets home. I just hope that the transition will also run as smoothly.


The rest of the weekend we spent relaxing at home. We probably had to endure watching the movie Frozen at least 10 times – Alyssa just opens her eyes and says “Elsa please” and we hesitantly oblige 🙂

So it’s a new week and it’s evident that the holidays are near as I have a few year end lunches and functions to attend for work this week.

Almost Holiday time!

Have a good week



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