Safari cake – step by step guide

One of my really good friends, Nicole, has a new-found interest which is turning into something really awesome and I couldn’t be happier when she agreed to make Alyssa’s birthday cake. She was also kind enough to give a step-by-step guide on how she made the cake, should one of you ever want to try your hand at one! Here are her notes:


It all started on Thursday evening. As a part time baker, the key ingredient to advance baking is the additional ingredients for a soft moist cake. Hayley asked for a one tier chocolate cake & I added a special pink sponge layer which created this beautifully tall naked cake in all her glory.

Friday |Crafting the cake | Step 1


This step is called crusting the cake. A thin layer of butter cream icing is spread over the cake and left to dry which seals any excess crumbs before decorating.

Preparing the Fondent| Step 2


I prefer mixing my own colors from the white plastic icing, lots of arm muscle is needed! (Note: the perfect colors cant always be created and a color wheel is handy)

Covering the board| Step 3


Carefully lifting your cake onto the covered board | Step 4

step 4

Note: Be gentle!

Decorating the cake| Step 5


This step can be done in one of two methods. The first method shown in this picture, by gently massaging the hand cut stripes into the rolled base fondant. If you rolled out your base fondant to wide, before placing the stripes onto the fondant, the fondant will tear when you place it on the cake. The method I used as a second option was rolling out the base, covering the cake with the base pink fondant and placed the stripes on the cake one at a time. (NOTE: Step 5 requires patience!)


Three and a half hours of baking time and five hours of crafting – Voila! Alyssa’s Safari creation is complete.

Footnote: You will notice that the spelling of Alyssa’s name may look a bit odd. Well if you spotted it before reading this – good on you! We only noticed it after half the cake was cut! Nicole said these typo’s tend to happen when you crafting after midnight 🙂 Nevertheless, we managed to get a pic with the name corrected before the entire cake was eaten 🙂


If you want to see some more of Nicole’s creations, follow her on Instagram @nicwyngaard




  1. lindiwem February 17, 2015

    this cake looks so great, I wish I was that talented at baking
    I have nominated your blog for a versatile award, you can click on this link to find out more

  2. chevslife February 17, 2015

    Now I know why I suck in the kitchen, zero patience! I never knew making a cake was so complicated? Looks really pretty!

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