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I was so excited to see that NUK has introduced new funky designs of their Summertime Soothers and was lucky enough to introduce them to both of my kids. Alyssa has always only used NUK bottles and soothers, she literally would not take to any other brand, so I will of course be introducing NUK products to Aidan. Alyssa still uses a soother at bed time and now with Aidan using one, she naturally wants to use hers more often. I’m not going to take that comfort away from her now, she will grow out of it soon enough!

Alyssa is also so chuffed that she and her brother have matching soothers.

The NUK Summertime Soother has the NUK Shape that is right for the jaw, designed by orthodontists to be orthodontically correct, modelled on the shape of the mothers breast while breastfeeding and is available in various motif combinations.  All NUK Soothers have the NUK Air System which allows air to escape out of the baglet through a vent.

These awesome designs will be available in Baby City, Reggies and Toys R’ us stores early May and will retail for about R119.99

I also have a few more great NUK products to try out – I will let you know how it goes 🙂




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