Jungle Juice Recipe


Hi ladies

I thought I would share this recipe for Jungle Juice which I’ve been making lately. The juice helps stimulate breastmilk and helps with energy levels. It’s really simple to make and tastes great.

The ingredients are as follows:

1 litre of cooled boiled water

1 litre of apple or any other juice but not acidic juice

1 sachet Blackcurrent rehydrate

60 mls schlehen berry elixier

8/10 drops of rescue remedy

You will need a 2 litre container to mix and store.




  1. firdausb2015 April 23, 2015

    Hi Hayley

    The recipe I had was the same, just with one berocca tablet added to the mix.

    La Leche League discourage this remedy, saying it does not work (also, the high sugar levels can apparently cause thrush) but I felt like it made a big difference in the early days.

    • hayleysjoys April 23, 2015

      Hi Firdaus

      I also read that but also think it works as it worked for me whilst breastfeeding my first child…. Everything in moderation I suppose.

  2. catjuggles April 23, 2015

    It worked very well for me too but I was also told by the breastfeeding consultant that it had way too much sugar. So I substituted the juice for rooibos tea. Does not taste that nice but worked just as well


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