Alyssa’s Ear Piercing Experience 

So Alyssa and I have finally convinced her Dad to allow her to get her ears pierced. I wanted to do it when she was a little baby but under no circumstances did he allow it. Most jewelry stores only do it for kids 3 years and older anyway, however there are stores that do it at any age. My take was that the earlier it’s done, the sooner it’s forgotten.

I can actually remember the day that my Mom took me to get mine pierced. I was about 5 or 6 years old and I remember her telling me that it would just feel like a little pin prick. I remember it being a lot worse than that, so I must admit I was a bit scared about taking Alyssa.

The agreement from Kurt came when Alyssa actually said “Dad, I want to wear earrings like Mom”. For a while now she keeps complementing me about my beautiful earings and enquirers whether she can wear them too. So this Saturday, we headed to the Sterns store at Canal Walk and decided to have it done. Although the stores policy only allows piercings from 3 years of age, they made an allowance as she will be 3 in a couple of weeks. The staff could also pick up just how excited she was to finally be able to wear earrings.

Ear piercing cape town


Alyssa likes hearts, so naturally she chose a pair of heart earings and funny enough both Alyssa and I were wearing heart t-shirts on the day. The staff were super friendly with her and made us both feel comfortable about what was about to happen. After sterilizing everything as well as her ear lobes, the technician marked the areas on her ears with a marker, obviously to ensure that the piercings will be in line. Thereafter another technician assisted and 1,2,3 both her ears were pierced at the same time! Not one tear, she didn’t even move when they done it! My heart skipped a beat but she was just so calm and collected. The smile on her face once she saw herself in the mirror was just priceless!

ear piercing cape town

ear piercing cape town

Now that it’s done, we just need to ensure that the area is kept sterile, by using surgical liquid to clean the piercing and also turn the earrings around once a day. This pair of earrings must also stay in her ears for at least 6 weeks before putting another pair to ensure that the holes do not close.

Alyssa is loving the new look! She could not wait to show them off at her Besties birthday party yesterday!

Are you thinking of getting your little girls ears pierced? Here are a few things to remember when considering it. (Thanks to the research done by Alyssa’s very concerned Dad):

  1. Chat to your child  (obviously if she’s old enough): Point out that there may be a little bit of pain when her ears are being pierced, it will make her feel more secure if there is any pain to deal with. Also tell your tot that she needs to help you keep her ears beautiful and healthy. How? By looking and not touching. I’ve probably told Alyssa like 10 times since Saturday.
  2. Get simultaneous piercings. Once she feels the sting of that first ear piercing, she might get wiggly, tearful, or both, and that makes piercing the second ear a real challenge. Call the store beforehand to ask if two technicians are available to simultaneously pierce both ears as Sterns had done for Alyssa.
  3. Keep it clean: Ear infections are pretty common after a toddler ear piercing. So keeping those lobes (and earrings) clean will be Mom’s. Wipe both earlobes and earrings early and often with an alcohol-based solution (we bought a bottle at Sterns). Another tip to avoid infection in newly pierced ears: Rotate her tiny toddler earrings often so that they don’t adhere to her skin as it heals.
  4. Stick with studs. While girls love dangly hoops and chandelier styles, studs with secure, twist-on backs are the best bet. She will be less likely to pull on her earrings or get them caught on her clothing.
ear piercing cape town







  1. Marisa January 25, 2016

    She looks gorgeous..My daughter is 5 and keep changing her mind.So no pressure..If it depends on her Dad, it will never happen, but he’s her choice.I do believe it should be done soonest, but it’s her body, her choice.

  2. Sula January 25, 2016

    She looks lovely. My husband won’t allow it for now but when she starts to ask I guess that may change.

  3. Mrsff August 17, 2017

    I think the policy has changed and most places jewelry stores, pharmacies etc would pierceafter 6:7 months. I wanted to get it done for K when she was a baby around 4 months but no one would do it all asked to come back when she was 6/7 months by which time I had lost intetest. now she keeps asking so will plan to do it when she turns 4. Thanks for these tips will definitely come in very handy when we finally get it done! SUch a big milestone for the kids

    Ps: is it my phone or your blog but it would let me type capital letters hence everything is in lower case 🙂

    • Mrsff August 17, 2017

      Ha ha and I see it changed to capital letters after posting… weird

      • Hayley August 17, 2017

        lol that’s weird but will check it out 😉


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