Product Review – NUK Weaning spoons


I was excited when NUK asked me to try out their new weaning spoons. To be honest, we’ve been using all the “hand me down” feeding utensils from Alyssa’s baby days so it was great for Aidan to have some new ones of his own. We’ve been using the new spoons for just over a month now.

Aidan is quite a good eater and we have no real problems in that regard. He is happy to eat all food groups and he’s at the stage now where he is wanting to hold his own utensils while eating. He’s not really able to actually scoop the food up and put it into his mouth but it’s really good practice for eventually getting it right.

When feeding him his cereal in the mornings, I usually give him a spoon to hold himself while I feed him most of it… or else it will just be a big fat mess and I wont really be able to see how much he’s eaten. The spoons are great for scooping up the food around his mouth ( or anywhere else for that matter 🙂 )

The NUK spoons are also the perfect size for Aidan to grip as the handle of the spoon is suited to little hands and I really like the shape of it. Some weaning spoons are just to big for baby’s mouth but NUK has got it right.

The spoons are also dishwasher safe, which is a must in my life. They are also super soft and flexible and you can microwave sterilize them.


As you can see.. even the feeding chair is a pink hand me down 🙂

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