What Having Two Kids In The Space Of Two Years Has Done To My Body

I was chatting to some girlfriends recently, comparing notes about our experiences as Moms. We all concurred that once you have a baby (let alone 2 or 3) your body will never be the same as it was pre-pregnancy day’s – EVER again.

Yes, sometimes Women do not pick up alot of weight during their pregnancy and do fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes within days of giving birth – me being one of them –  your body will however still have some form of evidence that you’ve become a Mom!

Here’s my list of evidence that I’ve given birth before:

  • Hips don’t lie  – I watched an episode of medical detectives a few years back where they found the body of a murdered female. In their assessment of her body in an attempt to identify her, they could tell that she had given birth naturally to at least 2 children as her pelvic bone had shifted 2cm. I can certainly believe the truth in that as I may weigh the same as I did pre-pregnancy, however my clothes do not fit the same!
  • From D Cup to a B Cup –  Pre-pregnancy days I was a comfortable average C cup and with both pregnancies that blew up to a very full D cup which lasted throughout the pregnancy and also the first few months after giving birth while breastfeeding. But as the milk dwindled so did the cleavage unfortunately and I’m now a B cup… The size I was at primary school.. How sad.
  • Flabby stomach – Now this is the one post partum consequence which is hard to come to terms with. The effects of having your stomach skin stretched to its limits (twice) is not great. I’m making an as asserted effort to concentrate on this area in terms of my fitness goals but it’s hard work – the struggle is real.
  • Stretch Marks – I’m really lucky to not have any stretch marks on my stomach area but I do have a few on my lower back and also on my boobs. No matter the amount of tissue oil or fading cream, it will always be there as a trademark of pregnancy.
  • Baby hair – The baby hairs around my hairline became much thicker and darker during both of my pregnancies and it’s even curlier than the rest of the hair on my head. I thought it would fall out after giving birth but it seems like its here to stay. Its so annoying because if I try to brush my hair back and tie it up, it stands up like a ray of sunshine on my forehead!!!

Although these things sometimes bother me, it’s a small price to pay for the enormous amount of love and joy I get from my two minions.

They make it all worth it, so I’m actually proud of my Mommy trademarks in a sense!

Do you have any other Mommy trademarks that you are proud (or not so proud) of? I’d love to hear!




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  1. MJ March 21, 2016

    These words are all too true! I one thing I can add would be pancake feet!! I didn’t have the daintiest feet to begin with, but my boy was big and heavy, so along with all the bones iny body that softened and expanded, my feet bones spread out as well, probably to ground me better with my newfound center of gravity… Needless to say, I had to give away a bunch of cute and dainty shoes that simple wouldn’t fit anymore!

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