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I’m always conscious about the warnings about too much screen time for little eyes, but I’ve come to the conclusion that like everything else in life, there needs to be a balance.

As long as my kids get lots of unstructured play and outdoor time each day, a little bit of screen time won’t hurt – especially if they are learning from it. Alyssa loves watching play dough and craft DIY’s on YouTube which are simple to find, but until recently I was struggling to find really good educational apps.

I was so happy when a few local App providers contacted me to give Alyssa the opportunity to try out some great educational Apps which are suitable for growing minds. She is loving them at them at the moment! Here’s a list of her favourite’s:

Here’s a list of her favourite’s:

  1. Sasol Young Explorer Apps – Frogs and Mammals                                                                                                          

Alyssa’s school is situated on a wine farm and she is privileged to enjoy the glorious nature which surrounds the school. Beautiful flora and some fauna greet us every morning and Alyssa can’t wait to say Hi to the 5 ducks that sit and bathe in the pond each morning.

As Alyssa started browsing the Sasol Young Explorer Apps, she kept saying “just like at my school, Mom”. She also referred to the characters of the app as herself and her school friends, but of course she is the one with the pink t-shirt 🙂



Each app has a learning and play module, which even I enjoyed. The Learn module has a description of each mammal or frog and if you press the play button, you are able to see a video of the animal. I must say I enjoyed watching the videos myself!


The Play section has 4 games which will keep your little one entertained. Alyssa especially loves putting the puzzles together.


There’s really something for kids of all ages.

Both the Apps are available on the App Store and Google Play and there are 4 language options available within the Apps. It’s in the higher price range (R119.99 on the Apple store), but there really is so much to keep your child entertained and learning.

2. Xander Apps 

Xander Apps are just the cutest! They are available in 6 different SA languages and we got to try out the Xander English 123 and Xander English Shapes & Colours apps.


Xander English 123  is an English educational app for young kids that teaches numeracy using child-friendly counting beads and characters from the animal kingdom.

Xander, the lovable narrator, guides your child through four learn-through-play activities involving vision, hearing and touch to teach them how to count to 10 in English.


The English Shapes and Colours is an English educational app for your children that teaches six basic shapes and the primary and secondary colours using age appropriate games.

Xander guides kids through six learn-through-play activities which include vision, hearing and touch to teach them to identify shapes and colours.


The Apps are perfect for children under the age of 5 – a category which I previously struggled to find anything good.

The Xander Apps are available on the Apple App store, Google Play store as well as the Amazon store. The apps are very reasonably priced and Xander often has promotions for a free or a discounted price for some of their apps.

If you are looking for great educational apps for your little ones, these are definitely worth downloading!


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