Reviving Our Herb Garden

IMG_2704This past weekend we decided to revive our once thriving herb garden. Yay!

Days prior to having real kids, our dogs and little garden were our babies. Not that they don’t get any attention now, it’s just they have taken a back step while we found our feet with the human kids.

As the human kids are getting older, they are the one’s now enjoying playing with the dogs and tending to the garden – and I must say its fun, despite the cooler weather.

On Saturday past, we visited the nursery and grabbed seedlings of all our favourite herbs. Alyssa made sure we got tomatoes! When I told her we had grown hundreds of tomatoes in our garden before she was born, she probably thought she has to see it happen with her own eyes.

We then got rid of some weeds and prepared the herb garden, which is situated on a raised bed, just below the outside of our kitchen window. Miraculously it still had 2 chilli trees which were growing from a few years ago!


Kurt and I had the 2 cutest (but counter-productive) little garden assistants to help. They really got their hands dirty


Wearing his sisters old rainboots lol


We planted some rocket, basil, cherry tomatoes, salad tomatoes, lemon balm, rosemary, and coriander. If you read my previous post, you will know how fed up I am with rotten store bought produce – so hopefully we can save by growing our own salad ingredients.


We found this old nest in one of the creepers

We found this old nest in one of the creepers

The garden still needs some work, there are leaves everywhere and the creepers need some trimming so it looks like we will be spending the next few weekends seeing to it.


  1. catjuggles August 23, 2016

    We have also done cauliflower and lettuce with great success. Kids love to eat things that grew in the garden

    • Hayley August 24, 2016

      It’s so exciting! Alyssa is patiently waiting for her tomatoes to start growing 🙂


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