Managing Your Baby’s Fever With The NUK 2-in-1 Thermometer

6009703962893-1-zoomWhen your baby feels warm or seems a bit under the weather, taking his or her temperature is a quick way of finding out whether something is really wrong. Babies and toddlers can put up a big fight if they have to lie still for their temperature to be taken, so in my opinion the digital forehead or ear thermometers are probably the better options, as opposed to the rectal, mouth or armpit thermometers.

A normal body temperature for a healthy child is between 36-37.5 degrees Celsius. Anything higher than this is deemed a fever. If your child has a fever of 39.4 degrees Celcius or higher, along with other symptoms such as vomiting, coughing, loss of appetite, diarrhea or unusual lethargy  it’s definitely time to call the doctor!

Recently, the team over at NUK sent me a sample of their 2-in-1 thermometer to try out. At first I thought, this is something I actually hoped not to use any time soon, but with 2 little ones, it’s almost inevitable that it would come in handy. Within days of receiving it, Aidan felt quite warm and seemed irritable. As it turns out, it wasn’t a fever it was probably just his teething pains but nevertheless, it gave me the opportunity to try it out.

We’ve had an underarm thermometer for a long while and what I can tell you first and foremost, is that its so much easier to use an ear or temple thermometer! There’s no fussing and moaning from the kids like with the underarm one, which takes forever to get a reading.


The 2-in-1 feature of the NUK thermometer is that it can read temperature via the ear of temple. It also has the following key features:

  • Innovative, extra-small measuring tip gives quick result in a few seconds
  • Results shown on LCD display
  • LED light indicates normal or high temperature with green or red light
  • Versatile: can also be used for the contact-free measurement of surface temperatures of baby food or bathwater for example, and also to measure room temperature
  • Includes a practical stand & a lithium batter

If you are in the market for a good baby thermometer, this is a really decent investment. It’s available at Baby City or


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