Can Shopping For Groceries Online Save You Money?

I now know for sure that I’m not alone in my frustration with exorbitant grocery bills and its evident that most of us are looking for ways to save on this massive expense.

Prices are continuously increasing, there’s no two ways about that, so we have to be smart about how we spend our moola.

In one of my posts, a reader left a comment suggesting that online shopping works for her as she doesn’t get tempted to add unnecessary extras to her cart – unlike a usual trip to the grocery store. You know the saying – never shop when you hungry? Well, with online shopping, you can eat while you click and not get tempted!

I thought it was a great idea and that I’d give it a try at some point and see if it could work for us. I put it off for a while as I hadn’t done all my homework on it just yet (I love reading fine print 🙂 ) , but when I spent 30 minutes in a queue waiting in line to pay one Saturday afternoon, I immediately started my research.


Click, click, click

After I was comfortable and understood the process, I placed my first order with Woolworths online shopping!

Here are some key points from my experience:


In my previous post, I noted that Pick n’Pay online works on available delivery time-slots which is true and that Woolworths delivers the next day after an order is placed (also true) ,but Woolworths actually also work on time slots which starts as early as the next morning after the order is placed.

With Woolworths, the first online shop has no delivery charge so that was great. The normal delivery fee is between R50 and R95 per order, depending on your area,  which is quite reasonable.

I placed the order on a Sunday morning and the food was delivered less than 24 hours later on the Monday morning.

Shopping List

The Woolworths online store has the ability for you to create shopping lists, which is perfect for me who generally buys the same things on a weekly basis. This is very convenient as you can just select the list and make additions or remove some items upon checkout.

Its a great way to stick to your budget as it limits your browsing time!

I also liked the fact that you can easily select “Promotions” and view all the deals on offer, like “20% off” and ” Eat in for under R150″

Comparing Prices

I found it easier to compare prices of goods than in-store. For example if searched for “lettuce” online, it would show all the different lettuce types, its description and reflect the weight of each pack which made it really easy to compare and select the one where you’d get the most value from.

In store, I find that prices aren’t really well displayed (if at all).

No Queues

This was by far the best part of this whole exercise. Instead of waiting in a long queue and getting irritated, I could shop at my own convenience, while sipping on a cup of coffee.

Will I buy groceries online again?


However I would rather go into the store if we just in need of a few items during a quiet time of the month, which won’t justify the delivery fee. Its super convenient and can really save a lot of time and also money. I also found that I spent a few hundred rands less on groceries that week and it was just by sticking to the shopping list – no tasters on every corner tempting me to try and add to my trolley.

Do you prefer buying in store or online? I would love to hear!


  1. Sula October 20, 2016

    Hmm, I really must try online grocery shopping. Delivery cost is what has always put me off but if WW offer free delivery on first order I will do that for sure. Roll on pay day

    • Hayley October 20, 2016

      Sula, it really is a pleasure. No fuss at all!

  2. Natalie October 20, 2016

    Living in the UK we are incredibly spoilt with online shopping. The great thing about delivery options here is that depending on the time of day you can get different delivery costs. Also if you spend a certain amount, then your delivery fee could be less. I only really go to the grocery store to buy fresh foods or emergency items. Other than that we get everything else delivered. And yes, I do think that shopping online can help you to save money as you’ll only order the things that you need 🙂

    • Hayley October 20, 2016

      I’m sure you guys have a lot more options store-wise in the UK, while we really only have a choice between 2 which is a bit limiting.
      I think that’s going to be the way forward for me too.

  3. Yolandi North October 20, 2016

    Hi Hayley. I’ve been following this debate for a while now & I am also shocked every time I go grocery shopping. Online shopping is the bomb. At least it keeps you away from all the distractions / promotions / new products. I was wondering: have you ever considered a food garden / veggie patch? We’ve started one & although we’re still learning, we often get quite a bit of veg to use or dish out. x

    • Hayley October 20, 2016

      Hi Yolandi
      Thanks for following.
      We have a herb garden at the moment which reaps some lovely salad ingredients, however we don’t have a full on veg patch. We’ll also have to do some trial and error should we start one!

  4. Sharon October 20, 2016

    I buy most of my non perishables and cleaning stuff monthly online from PnP and I do prefer it!

  5. Chantal Joy Dawson October 21, 2016

    I’m definitely going to give it a try month end. I normally go grocery shopping with my mom and she just piles in the goodies, knowing that she doesnt have to pay for it at the till point. I could save myself a pretty penny going the “online route” Thank you for sharing your experience.

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