Bugz Playpark – A Fun Filled Family Outing

When an invitation from Bugz Playpark popped up in my mailbox, I was super excited! We’ve never been to the Park before, so it would be a first for all of us…

Alyssa and Aidan had been invited to a friend’s party there earlier this year, but due to illness we couldn’t attend – so the invitation from Bugz was most welcome.

Prior to our visit, I always had the perception that Bugz was more of a party venue rather than a place to just go and spend the day to play, but we were pleasantly surprised.

I also had the idea that the Park catered more for older kids, but I was really so wrong! There is really something for all ages.

We were welcomed by the lovely Marketing and Events Manager, who gave us a tour around the park and shared what it has to offer.

Following that, we had free reign to enjoy the entire park!

Alyssa and Aidan were bursting with excitement. From the time they saw the Bugz statues lined up to the entrance, they couldn’t contain their joy. They started hugging and kissing all of the Bugz lol


The kids didnt know where to start. There were just so many activities waiting for them.

We made our way through the slides, swings, play houses, tree houses, a castle,  sandpits, colourful jungle gyms and obstacles. Alyssa had her face painted and went horseriding too!







The kids enjoyed the splash zone so much… their faces say it all.

We enjoyed a nice meal after the morning activities and the kids were so impressed with their plates. Alyssa couldn’t wait to get back to play and even fed her brother, just so we could get done faster lol.

Lunchtime 🍽 #mommyblogger #toddlerfood

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Alyssa feeding her little Bro’ so they can get back to playing 🙈 #learningthroughplay #mommyblogger

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After lunch we  headed on over to the Petting Zoo where the kids got to meet the resident animals. Aidan tried to catch a Bunny, but the four legged cutie was just too quick!



One of my favourite moments of the day was getting to ride the carousel with Alyssa. I always had this vision of me getting on one, but I literally think it was the first time I actually did! The best part was hearing Alyssa, who was on the “unicorn” behind me saying “Mom, we’re unicorns.. we are beautiful unicorns” 🙂


What I like most about the park  is that it is specially designed around the joy of play, with dedicated activities and areas for building little muscles, problem-solving and enticing wild imaginations! Playing is what our kids are meant to be doing – it’s their job!

The Park also boasts a number of indoor and outdoor party venues, which caters for all age groups and themes.


Ahh…. it was a day well spent..

We ended off our day with a train ride around the park, which had the kids dosing off for a second but they really didn’t want to miss a second of the excitement and stayed awake until we got into the  car.

We’ll definitely be back to the park during the school holidays!

Bugz is situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. For information around operating times and pricing, you can visit their website here.


  1. Kim Muller November 8, 2016

    OOh I can’t wait to take the kids back there! Now that Matthew is older and Ethan is old enough to enjoy most of the activities there. Glad you guys had fun and your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

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