Making Memories With Pampers – How I Prepared For My Babies Arrival



Those weeks leading up to my both my babies birth’s were really exciting!

Knowing that our bundles of joy were about to grace us with their presence, we wanted to make sure that we were prepared!

Naturally, we were a lot more prepared with our first born Alyssa – mainly because she was our first child, so we really only had ourselves to worry about. Alyssa was also almost 2 weeks overdue, which gave us extra time to be prepared.

With Aidan on the other hand, he was born at 37 weeks and 3 days – so he was an early surprise. Alyssa also just turned 2 at the time, which meant we had a busy toddler on our hands while trying to juggle getting everything ready to bring her little brother home.

Nevertheless, and as most parents will come to realise, things don’t always go according to plan. You can, however, plan and prepare as far as possible and things will eventually fall into place. As a new parent, you will quickly learn to prioritise and quit sweating the small stuff!

For us, prioritizing meant focusing on the below, in order to welcome our babies home:

The Baby Nursery

Preparing the baby nursery was probably the most exciting activity we worked on during both pregnancies. There’s a lot to decide on – paint colours, themes, furniture, decor and more! With Aidan’s nursery, I drew inspiration from interior designer Melissa Louise, who shared some great tips based on the space I had.


Pack that hospital bag

While it may seem obvious and it’s common sense to have it packed and ready while you approach your due date, it’s easier said than done.

On the day of Aidan’s early arrival – my bag was only 50% packed, which meant Kurt had to pack the rest of my goodies and bring it to the hospital.

Need I say more?

Let’s just say I ended up having to use the Nurses spray deodorant and I had to wear PJ’s NOT meant to be worn after you’ve just given birth.

With Alyssa, we were well prepared. I had a checklist I worked from and had everything I needed at the hospital.

Stocking up on Diapers – Good or bad idea?

We stocked up on a few packs of Pampers premium care while pregnant, and it worked out well for us. The diaper promises to be the driest and softest out there, which did not disappoint either of my kids bottoms!


I’ve however heard from a few other parents who’ve also stocked up on diapers, that they’ve bought too many of a particular size and end up with extra packs once their baby grows out of it.

Depending on the size of your baby of course, my advice would be to not buy too many newborn sizes, as most babies grow out of those so quickly! Sizes 1 and 2 are the ones which will be used the most during those first few months.

The Car Seat

Without a car seat – most hospitals will not allow you to leave with your baby! In fact, we were escorted by a nurse down to our car, who made sure that we buckled in the car seat correctly before we pulled away.

It is for your baby’s safety! It is law!

Make sure you choose a rear-facing car seat which needs to be securely placed in the back seat of your car. Read the installation instructions carefully and make sure you know how to fit the seat and remove it out of the car – before your baby is born.

Plan for sibling

If you baby has an older sibling/s, be sure to make arrangements with a trusted family member or friend to be on standby to take care of them while you are in labour and giving birth.

With Aidan’s speedy delivery, Kurt almost missed out on Aidan being born as my parents just about made it to the hospital in time to fetch Alyssa.

Money and Budget

There’s alot to think about in this respect.

There’s baby gear, clothing, diapers, medical expense and childcare  which can add up pretty quickly! If you are on a budget (like most of us are), planning ahead for these extra expenses can help ease the financial burdens later on.

Also look out for special offers on baby goods and stock up on the necessary items which will save you in the long run.

How will your life change?

This is the part I wish I’d done a bit more research on – both times around.

The transition from 0-1 kids is life-changing. The transition from 1-2 kids is on a whole other level!!!

I wish I had a bit more insight into what life would be like during these transitions. While I read numerous books, articles and blogs – I think I should have spoken face-to-face with other parents who have recently gone through these transitions – while it ‘s still fresh. Each family will have a different experience, however I think it would have just given me a peek into what I was going to face.

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  1. Astrid Samuels February 16, 2017

    Great tips Hayley! I’m really looking forward to preparing our little girl’s nursery 🙂

    • Hayley February 16, 2017

      Thanks Astrid, glad you found it useful.
      Exciting times ahead 🙂

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