My Birthday Wishlist

So next week is my birthday! Another year older and wiser. For this very reason – I am making this list.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my wise years, is that you have to be clear about what you want AND you have to put it out there!

If you don’t, the opportunity may just pass you by….

This worked out well for me when I wrote my Christmas wishlist to Santa last year…. so who knows, it may just work out again and my birthday-fairy-god-husband may just see this one too. You never know!

So, this is my list…


So I’m not 100% sure of what exact sneaker I want, but you know my style so well – but if I had to choose this very instant – this is probably the kind of simple look I’m going for.

I Want To Smell Delish…

My fragrance cupboard is very bare at the moment and I’m looking for something new and different. I thought of this Gucci Rush fragrance which I used to wear about a decade ago –  I absolutely loved it, not sure why I stopped using it…

I am also open to trying a new fragrance… something that you could pick out for me… that would make it even more special!

Laptop Bag

I’ve been using the same handbag/laptop bag for a good few months. I love it because it’s an all-in-one everyday kind of bag. The Forever New bag comes in black too and I would love the option to change between the tan and black every month or so.

Puffer Jacket

I love Winter, but I need to keep warm. There are so many beautiful sleeveless puffer jackets in store at the moment, like this one from Witchery. I particularly like the black.

And that’s it! Short and sweet & as always any one or any combination of the above will be gladly welcomed and appreciated.



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