Motherhood Update

Although I’ve added snippets of what’s happening with me and the kids in other posts, it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted an update in this series. Seeing that it’s Mother’s day this month, I thought this would be an appropriate way to start the month off here.

Bear with me, it may seem like I’m interviewing myself here but so much has happened since the last post, so I thought I’d do this one in an “interview” type format, so that I can summarise it nicely instead of one big blob! So here goes…

What’s the biggest Motherhood challenge I’m going through right now?

At the moment I’m struggling to come to terms with the rate at which my kids are growing. Every shoe that no longer fits and every legging that’s too short is yet another reminder that they are no longer babies! I wish the baby years could just be stretched out a bit longer.

What’s been happening with Alyssa?

Alyssa is getting so tall! Her personality is coming through strongly as she is now able to verbalise exactly how she is feeling. It is evident that she is definitely NOT a morning person.

She’s really creative and looks forward to her art classes each week. It also comes through in her love for dressing up – and often picks out my outfit in the mornings! She loves it when our clothing matches.

Fake Friday and we can finally wear long sleeves in Cape Town ✌️#selfie

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I’ve also noticed that she can be a bit of a perfectionist in whatever she works on. Although she may not enjoy cleaning her room all the time, but when she does – she packs her toys and books in an orderly fashion.

She recently had a fall which resulted in a trip to the hospital but thankfully no stitches were needed. This girl is so brave and she actually enjoyed her time with the Doctor. Alyssa is adamant that she will be a Doctor one day, and since the trip to the ER – she’s even more excited about becoming one.

What’s been happening with Aidan?

Oh Aidy Baby! This boy is BUSY. This little guy is in his own world and never stops moving. He loves exploring and is curious about the world out there.

Back at home though, his latest obsession is with one of Alyssa’s Disney movies. He was never really into watching TV until he heard the sweet voice of Maona… or “Meona” as he pronounces it. It’s the first thing he asks for when opens his eyes and even woke up at 1 am one morning asking us to put the movie on.


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I take advantage of him watching the movie, as I can cuddle and kiss him all I want – it’s literally the only time he is not on the move.

He’s learning so much from his big Sister – colours, counting and nursery rhymes – he absorbs them all like a  sponge. He really looks up to his big Sister!

How is it going with my new job and how is it affecting my Mommy duties?

I am really thankful for the working environment I am currently in. It’s an environment with a lot more flexibility than I was used to – it makes a major difference.

This is definitely a BIG positive in my life and I honestly feel a lot less stressed and more motivated in the office.  Of course, I am still learning and will need to put in the hours, but I am happier and more relaxed in the new environment.

This also has a positive effect on me as a Mother and wife, as it allows me to have more stress-free quality time with my family.

What am I looking forward to for the rest of the year?

We are saving for a nice family holiday. Even if it’s just local, the kids really want to experience being on an airplane, so hopefully, we can make their dream come true soon. We don’t know when and where yet, but we are excited to start planning.

I also want more (a) date nights!!! We don’t do this very often and I would really like to spend more alone time with Kurt – we need to make that happen! It’s been a LONG while….


How often do you do date night? And how do you keep the momentum going?




  1. Karin May 3, 2017

    Awesome post!
    Your kids are lovely! I do date nights once a month. I have a full time maid so it’s easier, but before I had her, I had a friend’s responsible teen daughter looking to make a few bucks, looking after our spawn for a few hours while we went to a jazz club, dinner or a movie.
    It’s so so necessary to connect as a couple regularly. I wish you luck.

    • Hayley May 3, 2017

      Thank you Karin. We definitely need to work on some more alone couple time – you right, it’s so important. Hopefully we can do more date nights soon 😉

  2. thea lennox May 3, 2017

    They are so sweet. Love it. Yes it is important for us as a couple to connect without the kids as well. Otherwise we loose one another

    • Hayley May 3, 2017

      Thanks Thea! Yes, looking forward to planning some date nights soon x

  3. Kariema May 3, 2017

    You have a beautiful family. Stay blessed and take one day at a time. Date nights extremely important and at times difficult to maintain due to certain circumstances, but quality time aloneis extremely important.

    • Hayley May 3, 2017

      Thank you Kariema x

  4. Melissa Javan May 3, 2017

    Great post. I am so inlove with the images especially the Big sister looking at her brother image.

  5. Amanda May 3, 2017

    Glad your daughter is okay, and happy early mother’s day 


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