Always Searching For Child Friendly Places To Visit? Let Kiddcierge Help

Always on the lookout for a child-friendly place to eat or host a party? Or are you still looking to find that perfect family friendly getaway you’ve been putting off?

It can take forever to find that perfect spot, so finally, there’s help at hand to find child-friendly establishments in South Africa!

Kiddcierge’s sole mission is to make parenting a little bit easier on all of us. Because really, isn’t it hard enough?

I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be collaborating with Kiddcierge and will be reviewing some of the Cape Town establishments that are ready to welcome you and your family!

My first review has just gone live and it’s a goodie!

It’s all about our experience at a family friendly restaurant in Stellenbosch. You will also see a Kiddcierge button on the right-hand side of my blog page, which will lead you to all my Kiddcierge reviews to come.

You can also get involved – If you’ve been to any of the places listed then feel free to leave a short review and help other parents know what it’s like!

So if you’re always on the lookout for places to keep the family entertained, bookmark the Kiddcierge site here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter  for updates.

I’ll also keep you updated on any reviews I’ve posted!





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  1. spiritedmama1 August 16, 2017

    This is very helpful. Definitely going to save this link. Thanks for the info.


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