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When we renovated our home a couple of years ago, we learnt a great deal about project management and just how easily a budget can go pear-shaped if not managed properly.

Although we were generally happy with the final outcome, we were forced to opt for different and less expensive options to accommodate the stretched renovation budget.

So now that all the dust has settled and while our savings are building up, we may just be able to enhance some of the areas in our home more to our fancy – and if there’s a specific area which I would start with – it would have to be our family bathroom!

Since the renovation, a new member has been added to our family – one who’s currently potty-training and taking over the entire family bathroom! We didn’t really foresee how this would impact the use of the bathroom, so the space suddenly feels a bit cramped and could do with a revamp. A makeover will not only optimize the space, but also finally get a sleek and sophisticated family bathroom that we’ve actually dreamed of! 

We also want to put measures in place so that the space can adapt to our needs further down the line. For example, we don’t need a lot of storage space inside the bathroom right now, but that may change as the kids get older.

We’ve been browsing the Geberit Bathroom collection which is inspiring us left, right and centre!

When you hear the name Geberit, toilets are probably the first thing that springs to your mind, but did you know that Geberit actually has an entire Bathroom collection? From washbasins to cabinets to mirrors and fittings – your entire bathroom can be transformed.

We are downright smitten by the Smyle and Icon ranges of the Geberit Bathroom Collection. The hardest part is deciding between the two!

While the Geberit Smyle brings harmony and lightness with its contemporary design and sophisticated lines, the Geberit iCon radiates personality.

The Geberit Smyle bathroom series has a clear sense of order and makes efficient use of space, it achieves the highest level of convenience in the bathroom from any structural situation – which is exactly what we need in our family bathroom!

The Geberit Smyle bathroom series just creates a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience. Don’t you think?


On the other hand, the Geberit iCon bathroom series is as multifaceted as our family. An extensive range of ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture in a clear and modern design language provides the maximum in design flexibility. It shines with its linear design and is impressively versatile. It’s definitely the all-rounder in flexible bathroom design, which can grow along with our family.

Wall Hung WC’s

One of Geberit’s signature products is of course the wall hung toilets, some of which have a concealed cistern.

I always wondered about the maintenance of these toilets. What if something breaks, does the entire unit have to be taken apart?

Maintenance is actually quite easy as the flush plate can easily be removed to access all the important parts. Geberit also stock spare parts for at least 25 years from the year of manufacture.

With the dual flush and the stop-and-go flush functions as well as adjustable flush volumes, the flushing mechanisms are able to save water – which is exactly what we need to do in Cape Town right now.

With no pedestal and no cistern in front of the wall, it means that there is no place for bacteria to hide, and cleaning around and underneath the pan is simplified.

With 2 little kids frequenting the bathroom, we would definitely opt for rim-free as there’s absolutely nowhere for germs to hide.

As part my research, I came across an Afternoon Express show insert, whereby a Geberit wall hung toilet was featured – showing just how easy maintenance is on these units – along with a few other Geberit accessories. Take a look:


If you’re feeling as inspired as I am, visit to view the full Bathroom collection.



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