Keeping Cool With The GMC Portable Aircon This Summer

Portable Air Conditioner


It’s Summer, it’s hot and everyone’s trying to stay cool!

Kurt and I have been talking about installing an air conditioner in our home for a very long time, as it can get extremely hot during the Summer months.

The problem with our home is that it was built over 40 years ago and unlike the modern way of “open plan living”, the rooms in our home are all completely separate. So if we were to install an air conditioner in one room, the cool air wouldn’t travel anywhere else but in that room.

Our living room is where we probably spend most of our time but our bedroom becomes an inferno during the summer nights, so we honestly didn’t see ourselves paying for separate aircon units per room!

Portable Air Conditioner

Late last year, I was sent the GMCP10 Cooling Portable Air-conditioning unit to review and I was really excited to see what a difference it would make in our home.

Bonus – it’s portable, which means we get to move it around as we wish.

The GMCP10 is a cooling portable air conditioner which is super easy to use as it offers a plug & play solution.

It requires absolutely no additional assembly or tools. It requires no water drainage system, which means it allows for rapid cooling of any environment to a comfortable, cool temperature.

The portable aircon is suitable for residential and commercial use, just slip the exhaust hose out of the window, position the window sliders and slider cover correctly and the room will soon be at a desired temperature, thanks to the powerful 10,000 BTU motor.

We were hoping to use the aircon in all of our bedrooms, but due to the design, the windows in some rooms are simply too high to accommodate the exhaust pipe. But luckily, our living room has a window and our bedroom has a sliding door which can accommodate the exhaust pipe. The aircon has four castors which makes it fully portable and able to roll smoothly from space to space.

Portable Air Conditioner

The GMC Aircon is easy to operate and has a large LCD. Soft-touch keypads allow us to set the temperature and mode. It even has a timer, which can be set up for us to walk into a perfectly cooled bedroom at the end of a long day.

Portable Air Conditioner Remote

I was most excited to find out that the filtration system that comes with the GMCP10 features advanced anti-bacterial cleansing action as it purifies the air, creating a healthier environment for the entire family. Bye bye germs.

Included with the unit is a 1.5m exhaust hose, as well as a window slider, cover and remote.

I absolutely love the sleek modern design of the unit and it fits comfortably into our home.

My Overall Verdict

The GMC Air conditioner must have been the easiest appliance we’ve ever “installed” in our home and the fact that you can set the unit ahead of time with a 24-hour timer, makes it so convenient.

Having a remote is also an absolute advantage for me! It’s perfect for lazy days in my bedroom.

The portability is probably the biggest benefit to me as the castors make the aircon portable and easy to roll from room to room.

We’ve also found that the air-conditioner is somewhat efficient when it comes to electricity consumption.

Portable Air Conditioner

The air conditioner does the job it is intended to do – which is to keep us cool, especially in the heat we have been experiencing over this Summer!

If you too want to cool down this Summer, you can purchase the unit directly from the GMC website. 

Free delivery is offered anywhere in South Africa, and there is a 2-year warranty on the unit. The recommended retail price is R4599 Inc Vat.

Don’t just take my word for it though as you can also view some of the GMC Aircon reviews online here.



Disclosure: This post contains paid or sponsored content. I received the GMC Aircon for review purposes.





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