Busy Moms: Cleaning Tips For Whatever Life Chux At Us

cleaning tips moms chug

As a busy Mom, I love finding cleaning tips and hacks because – who doesn’t want a clean home?  But, it just isn’t feasible to be cleaning every waking moment, especially when you have kids around.

Even though we have loads of help from our domestic worker during the weekdays, if you visited our home on a Friday evening – you wouldn’t believe that we did!

Our home is literally spotless when she leaves, but trust Alyssa and Aidan to change that in a matter of minutes.

Between raising the kids, running errands and everything else life chux at us, a clean home can easily end up on the back burner for us if we let it. But I just can’t!

A clean home is a comfortable and happy home.

Today I am partnering with Chux to share some nifty tips to help you clean up messes and spills in record time!

cleaning tips moms chux

1) Pick Up While You Clean

Clutter just freaks me out and it can actually hinder you from getting to what needs to be cleaned. So, as you clean, pick up and pack away.

2) Cleaning Supplies

Instead of having all your cleaning supplies in one place, have a few of them in several rooms. This way, you can do quick cleans instead of looking for one item that may have been thrown out.

3) Remove Pet Hair

If you have any furry pets, leave a lint roller in your living room so that you can do quick wipe downs to remove pet hair.

4) Clean Your Iron

Is your iron black and scorching your clothing? Use these Chux magic erasers to get rid of them. It will clean right off.

cleaning tips moms chug

These magic erasers are also amazing to wipe off kids handy artwork off from your walls 🙂 Its also great for removing scuff marks off shoes!

5)  Scrub Your Oven

Growing up, I always remember this task as being a job and a half. But I’ve recently learned an easy way of getting it done. Put a layer of baking soda in your emptied oven and spritz it with vinegar. Get something else done while it soaks, then come back and it should wipe off pretty easily. The Chux multi-purpose wipes do the job just fine but if there are some stubborn marks, Chux Scourers will come in handy.

cleaning tips moms chux

6) Clean as You Go

Don’t leave everything to do all at once.

Tidy and clean as you go along through the day.

7)  Delegate

Although Aidan sincerely believes that I am Superwoman, I’m not. I want my kids to learn a sense of responsibility so I give them each a chore or 2 every day! They each have their own broom and they are always eager to lend a hand.

Let’s hope it stays that way! 

For more information on CHUX® visit www.facebook.com/ChuxSA/. CHUX® can be found at selected Spar stores nationwide!

Do you have any hacks that make cleaning a breeze in your home? I’d love to hear.








  1. Melissa Javan March 19, 2018

    I’m still struggling with the “delegate” part.

    • Hayley March 22, 2018

      He he! It takes lots of reinforcement believe me, but worth it in the long run


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