The Verdict – Are Meal Kits More Expensive Than Groceries?{WIN}


If you haven’t read my first post posing this question – then please read it first so that you’ll have the full context.

But, basically, I was challenged by the Daily Dish to do a cost comparison between the price of their Family meal box versus the cost of buying groceries to cook the very same meals.

I was tasked to find out whether buying a meal kit from the Daily Dish, really is more value for money than buying groceries? 

For the first week of the challenge, the Daily Dish sent me a Family box consisting of recipes and ingredients for 4 dinners. This particular box costs R1230 (The Daily Dish offers different menu options for 1, 2 or 4 people).

The first major convenience about the service is that there was absolutely no need to wonder “what’s for dinner” during the week. Kurt and I would usually WhatsApp each other every single day trying to come up with Dinner ideas, only to be influenced by the kids decisions in the evening. So for this week, it was all up to the Daily Dish menu.

The kids are also super excited when a Daily Dish box arrives. They love cooking with us in the evenings and they just love the Daily dish packaging and love watching everything come together as we follow the recipe.

Are meal kits cheaper than groceries

The meal kit really saves time in that all the ingredients are pre-packed, on hand and all the recipes we cooked from were really easy to follow. 

The ingredients were fresh and of the highest quality.  The portion sizes were so huge! The family box says its caters for 4 people, but in my opinion, all the meals we cooked, could feed 6 people easily. 

This meant that we had enough food leftover each night for lunches the next day.

But most importantly: The kids LOVED every single meal and so did myself and Kurt. 

So how did I compare the meal box to Groceries?

It was a bit difficult to do a one-to-one comparison, as Daily Dish does not send you a whole jar of sauce or spice; they send you a small packet or container just enough for your recipe.

This means less wastage, no jars of sauce standing in the fridge for months just to be thrown away once it’s expired.

But i tried to match up the quantities as closely as possible. 

As the Daily Dish provided high-quality quality ingredients, I opted to shop at a store which I believed had the best quality ingredients at a reasonable price. 

I opted for online shopping as I thought it would be easier to stick to the exact shopping list. The store delivery fee cost me R50 (which is more or less what I’d spend on petrol to the store anyway).

Another thing about me and grocery shopping is that I always deviate from only getting the shopping list. I end up buying unnecessary items and then also forget some of the things I came for. 

While I found the online shopping convenient, I wasn’t really impressed when the delivery arrived missing some of the items I ordered. The store was out of stock of 4 items which were key to my recipes, which meant I needed to trek back to the store for those items anyway! 

While cooking with my own grocery shopping to replicate the family box, I really started to appreciate the magic of having everything I needed sorted and labelled, like the previous week.

Putting together what I needed for each recipe took time and this added time spent cooking dinner. The kids were still helpful in the kitchen as usual, but there was a lot more chaos than the prior week as there was a lot more effort needed to measure, chop and portion. 

Get to the point Hayley….

The Verdict

Thank you to those who have engaged with me throughout this challenge. It was really interesting to see the opinions on the polls on Facebook and Instagram. Most people thought that I’d spend more money buying groceries myself.

The grocery cost and the family box cost were in fact super close.

With groceries costing only slightly less.

I spent a total of R1,174.53 for all the food items, while the Daily Dish Family Box costs R1,230. That’s roughly only R50 less.

From a financial perspective, the difference in the prices are clearly negligible. 

For me,  the most important factor to consider is the matter of time — our family time. After the box is delivered on a Monday, there’s no need to pop in at the shop for extra ingredients needed to make a meal. Everything we needed was portioned and ready to cook. 

And that’s of value to me. Extra quality time to spend with my family is just priceless.

What are your thoughts? After seeing my comparison, do you think you are you more or less willing to try a meal box service?

Would you like the opportunity to see what difference a meal box can make in your life?  The Daily Dish is giving one lucky family the opportunity to trial not one, but two Family Meal Boxes (that means 2 weeks of weeknight dinners) delivered to your door!

To Win 2 weeks subscription to the Daily Dish Family Box please follow these easy steps : 

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T&C’s Apply:

  • The winner will need to follow all  steps in order to qualify
  • Competition ends Monday 28 May
  • Winner will be selected via and the decision is final.
  • Prize cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • Entrants must ensure they reside/work in an area which Daily Dish delivers to. Check here to verify
  • Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with DailyDish but the views expressed in this post are my own.



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