Fashion Friday – Dressing To Impress?

Dressing to impress

How we look and how we dress affects how we are perceived by others – it’s a bit harsh, butΒ  it’s true – especially in the workplace. Dressing to impress can have a whole new meaning depending on who you are, what you’re doing and in which industry you work!

It’s not at all about being on trend with the latest fashion but it’s how you project your image through your choice of clothing.

I’m by no means a fashion expert or stylist but I do take pride in my wardrobe and dress code. I’ve just always been this way. I don’t fall victim to every new fashion trend and I don’t spend thousands each month, but what I do focus on is knowing and dressing according to my own style.

Dressing to impress

I generally keep things simple, tasteful and elegant.

I don’t care so much about what I’m wearing, but what really matters is that I’ comfortable in my own skin and that’s what actually boosts my inner confidence.

I hate feeling conscious about what I’m wearing, so I sort of have a quick checklist that I follow before I leave the house every morning!

It’s a quick and easy checklist, but if I have more negatives than positives – I’m changing my outfit!

Dressing to impress

Dressing To Impress (Yourself) Checklist

Am I comfortable?

Does this outfit fit me properly?

Will I get too hot or too cold? (Check the weather report!)

Does this colour suit me?

Am I dressed appropriately for the occasion?

Is there anything that makes this outfit pop?

Does my outfit (including shoes) look worn/washed out?

Am I wearing to many accessories?

How does this outfit make me feel?

Dressing to impress

Sometimes I have a gorgeous picture in my head of what I’d look like in an outfit I’d piece together in my head the night before, but come morning it just doesn’t check out and pass my checklist πŸ™‚ I may have to start all over again but at least I won’t be miserable all day long.

What do you look for when choosing your outfit for the day?




  1. Mommabeartrax February 8, 2019

    Always admire women who are so out together – especially working moms! And great to see how you think it all through.

    • Hayley February 9, 2019

      Thanks Hun. It takes a bit of effort but worth it in the end

  2. candice February 8, 2019

    I absolutely love the dress

    Candice |

    • Hayley February 9, 2019

      Thanks Candice

  3. Tracy dawson February 8, 2019

    i find that when i prep my clothing before the time then i feel comfortable for that day. Its very obvious when someone isn’t comfortable in what they wearing so whenever i feel the least bit uncomfortable, i rather dress down. This is a very good checklist that you’ve put together!

    • Hayley February 9, 2019

      Thanks T! Agree, it’s so obvious when people are not feeling their outfit. I’d rather spend 5 minutes changing the outfit instead of feeling miserable in what I’m wearing all day long.

  4. Neelofah February 8, 2019

    After bub number 2 – I’m still living in my millions of black tights though I bought myself a jeans 2 weeks ago (which are too short for me, BTW lol) because I don’t wear dresses or skirts, I find it so much easier to pair up my tights (ponte leggings) as I don’t have a set “look” that i go for as I’m sometimes feeling sporty and will don a t-shirt and longer length blazer with sneakers though could easily pair it with a pair of mocs for the office or to look “put together” or change the top to a boho style gyspy top with a pair of sandals and I’m summer ready in an instant, add some boots with an oversized cardigan for winter – it all depends on how I feel +the weather at the time but those have generally been my style over the years and through the seasons.

    • Hayley February 9, 2019

      Love your styling Neelofah!
      Blazers are my absolute favorite as you can pair them with heals or sneakers


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