5 Tips For Improving Self Confidence In Our Daughters

Improving self confidence daughters

As the World celebrated International Women’s Day last week, it was refreshing to see just how far we have come. It also got me thinking just how important, improving self confidence in our daughters is. It’s actually such a big part of being a Mom!

We all want our daughters to have sense of confidence. It’s an important trait to have throughout their lives.

Alyssa is naturally an independent, confident 6-year-old girl, but I know that as she gets older and becomes influenced by her peers, society and everything else – she’ll probably start questioning that confidence that currently comes naturally.

There are a few simple conversations and actions that I’m trying that I think could help her maintain and improve that sassy self-confidence of hers.

Improving Self Confidence In Our Daughters

Improving Self Confidence In Our Daughters

Improving Self Confidence In Our Daughters

1. There’s No need for competition

When I sense competition between women, I largely think it’s due to insecurities. Instead of referring to other woman as competitors, rather refer to them as friends, part of your community or allies. I will always encourage Alyssa to see that everybody can win – and in their own way! There’s space for all of us in this world.

2. Speak about Insecurities

Everyone has insecurities.  We are human. As Alyssa gets older, I want us to keep the communication lines open and have discussions about our insecurities. Together, I think we can come up with healthy ways to address them and eventually she won’t need me to help her work through those feelings anymore!

3. Give Woman Compliments

 Identify strengths in the women and girls around you and pay them a compliment. Funny enough, this is something Alyssa has always done. Perhaps she picks it up from me? Possibly.

Her teacher once said that she’s the first to notice and admire someone’s new haircut, or if they wearing a colour she likes.

This is something you can easily challenge your daughter to do daily –  to compliment 1 or 2 girls everyday.

Also – be gracious in accepting a compliment!

4. Speak About Heroines

I am going to keep helping Alyssa find  women she relates to.

Barbie is the current. I love the “YOU CAN BE ANYTHING” message that comes through with Barbie these days. You can be thin, fat, black, white – it doesn’t matter!

5. I have to Practice what I preach

A Mom is the greatest role model for their daughter, isn’t she? So when we model self confidence (not always easy) we are actually showing them just how important it is to celebrate yourself!

They our mirror our actions. So if I want Alyssa to be comfortable in the skin she is in, I need to be too.

Improving Self Confidence in our daughters

Improving Self Confidence in our daughters

Girl Power!




  1. Tracy March 11, 2019

    I absolutely love this article❤️ It speaks to me as I too have a 5yr old girl who is growing mentally and physically on a daily basis, almost maturing overnight. Its satisfying to see the confidence she has but it’s scary to think she might lose it along the way.

    • Hayley March 13, 2019

      Thanks Tracy! Us Moms play such a big role in this and I think little things we do can help them tremendously 🙂

  2. lameez March 11, 2019

    This is wonderfull tips ,I can use for my twin girls the one twin very shy .Thank you

    • Hayley March 13, 2019

      Thanks Lameez, I’m glad this helps you and your girls 🙂


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