My Autumn Bucket List

autumn bucket list

The season of falling leaves and misty mornings is upon us. I couldn’t be more excited! Maybe because it’s my birthday season, but Autumn really is my favourite.

The months can pass by so quickly and we often don’t take the time to enjoy it. So I thought I’d make a list of things I’d like to do this season, which I’ll use as inspiration to encourage myself to make the most of the fresh crisp air that Autumn brings!

It’s not a lengthy list at all. I’m keeping it short and sweet  and will actually print it off, as my plan is to actually tick each item before Winter officially begins!

My Autumn Bucket List

autumn bucket list

  1. Colour My Life. Autumn allows us to witness the best colour changes on earth! This year I want to celebrate those colours… somehow… perhaps in a new sweater in a warm colour or even painting a wall or a door in our house in a olive or yellowish tone!
  2. Have a family photoshoot – in the early autumn sunrise. We haven’t had a family shoot in over a year. If  I look back at those pictures, its a reminder of how quickly they’ve grown up.
  3. Cooking a wholesome meal – something that is suited for the cooler weather, or something we haven’t eaten in a while or have always wanted to try. If a yummy recipe comes to mind – please send it my way. Perhaps a hearty soup or stew?
  4. A scenic Sunday drive to witness those falling leaves and warm colours is on my to do list. It must be a weekend where we don’t have anything else planned, where we can take our time and take in all the beauty on a scenic route. We can stop whenever and wherever we want and perhaps have some fun with the leaves.
  5. Visit a Market. Before we had kids, this is something Kurt and I used to do almost every weekend, especially in the colder months. Nowadays, hardly ever. We were always on the lookout for markets where we could enjoy a warm meal, do some shopping and just relax. Of course, now we’d have to extend our search criteria to kid-friendly.autumn bucket list
  6. Update My Autumn Wardrobe. I always look forward to this, but this year my         strategy is not to buy much. In fact, my plan is to give away most of the items I don’t wear anymore. This will make space for the items that are already in my wardrobe that I don’t necessarily even see due to the cramped space! Wish me luck.
  7. Autumn Crafts with the Kids. Alyssa is a real crafty girl and has shown me a thing or two when it comes to creating something out of nothing. I’m searching Pinterest for some cool Autumn activities for the kids to get the hands into this Autumn. I think there’s so much learning and fun that’s worth exploring in this climate!

Let’s see how quickly I can tick off these items!

What’s on your Autumn bucket list?



Outfit details: Jacket and jeans: The Fix, Necklace: By Cara


  1. candice March 19, 2019

    I love a good fitting blazer

    Candice x

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