The Powerful Influence That We Have On Our Kids

influence on our kids

I’m always amazed at how adaptable kids are. This can be in a good, bad or even ugly way! The results of my kids imitating Kurt and I are sometimes hilarious.

I’ll never forget the first time that I stuck my tongue out at Alyssa and she done the same back to me! It was a moment I will never forget. I laughed out loud and yet again she copied me and done the same.

Aidan is classic in imitating Kurt and myself. Sometimes he says things completely out of context however it’s said at the funniest of moments! 

The Powerful Influence That We Have On Our Kids

Influence on our kids

Alyssa on the other hand has a more extensive vocabulary and has assigned meaning to a number of things that Kurt and I have said or done over the years. She now says things  with the same expressions and tone that Kurt and I would say – and in the correct context!

She even disciplines Aidan in the same way we do! “Enough now, Aidan!” or “Take those back to your room, right away”.

When Aidan needs comforting, she too will say “It’s okay my Aidy baby”!

One of my favourite sayings (I probably don’t realise how often I actually say this ) is “No, man”. I say it when I’m watching TV or when I’m cooking or even when I’m talking to the kids or Kurt.

So naturally, Alyssa says these words – A LOT!

Influence on our kids

I hear “No, man Aidan” very often these days.

I find it quite flattering that she does this but on the contrary, it’s a reminder for me to mind my p’s and q’s. Alyssa is at that stage where she is very much aware of all her surroundings. She’s been raised to stand up for herself and say whats on her mind. So not only do I need to worry about what I say, but also how I react to certain situations!

It’s not always easy to remember, but I need to keep this top of mind! Soon Aidan will be on the same page!

It’s these little things that serve as a reminder of  the powerful influence we have on our kids! Influence on our kids

Can you relate? I would love to hear!


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  1. Janel sunderlall April 24, 2019

    My 6 year old and my 4 year old mimic everything i do and say. Its a constant reminder that i have to watch what i say


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