Limited Edition Scruff-a-luv Bunnies Need A Home



Alyssa is really going to be a good Mom one day. She has always just had this natural instinct to take really good care of her Dolls and toys.

You’ll always find her dressing and grooming them, making sure they’re warm and well looked after at all times.

She recently received a Scruff-a-luv to review which got her motherly instinct kicking immediately.

Scruff-a-luvs are adorable fur ball, abandoned pets that are in need of love and care. The toys untangle in water to reveal the cutest of collectible pets.

Limited Edition Scruff-a-luv Bunnies Need A Home

This years new scruff-a -luvs have joined the rescued toy pet range – three adorable, limited edition blossom bunnies!

The limited edition range features three floppy-eared bunnies to collect, with the surprise reveal being which colour bunny is inside the box.  Will it be Lemon Drizzle, Posie or Peppermint?

Alyssa found Lemon Drizzle in her reveal and was super excited to see the fuzzy little ball which later unravelled into something really cute.


Plus, each bunny includes an exclusive accessory as well as a flower headband, brush and an adoption certificate.


In the box, our bunny arrived as a sad ball of matted fur and the big reveal actually only took place after the bunny has been washed and dried.

With its fur untangled it is transformed into a delightful toy pet. Instructions in the box helped Alyssa transform the  sad, matted ball of fur into a happy little bunny!

All we had to do was wash, dry, groom and accessorize.

Washing and drying the toy and watching the new pet take shape is probably the most exciting part. Alyssa absolutely enjoyed every minute of this…scruff-a-luv


The bunny is so cuddly and cute once washed and dried. Alyssa was absolutely smitten  even before she opened the box! But now, Lemon Drizzle sleeps next to her at night 🙂

I think that scruff-a-luvs will make a brilliant gift for kids as it doesn’t just give kids the guidance to take good care of a pet, but also shows them the importance animal adoption is and what great joy it can bring.


Scruff-a-luv Blossom Bunnies are available at toy stores and retailers countrywide and are ideal for ages 3 plus. RRP – R 399.99.

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