Ten Things I’ve Done During Social Distancing that I’d Never Ever Get To Do

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It’s officially day 1 of lock down in South Africa but the kids and I have already been social distancing in the safety of our home for 2 weeks! Not even a walk in the park, not even a drive, absolutely no outdoor movement. Kurt had to be in the office up until this week and he pretty much done all the errands that needed to be done before everything shuts down.

I haven’t been panic buying, I just bought the essentials online to get us through the next couple of weeks.

I’ve been working from home, while seeing to the kids, cleaning, trying not to lose the plot and just taking it one day at a time.

Even though I’ve had my hands full, I’ve actually had time to get to things I haven’t really been able to prior to this outbreak.

Ten Things I’ve Done During Self Isolation that I’d Never Ever Get To Do

Here are some of the things that I’ve done this week that makes me feel super productive in these crazy times:

1. De-cluttering

Having to set up a full home office for both myself and Kurt as well as work space for the kids to do their daily activities, I had to do a bit of de-cluttering. I also had to strategically pack our kitchen pantry to make sure we have enough essentials for the first week of lockdown.

Then I took it even further and packed my underwear and sock draws and threw out anything I no longer wear!

I think I’m going to continue and tackle a different room each week of the lockdown. I actually find it therapeutic!

2. Writing Workshop With Rupi Kaur

This is one of the silver linings of this quarantine that many countries are facing. People are forced to slow down and actually get a chance to reboot. If you scroll through social media you’ll see how Creative’s all over the world are using this time and sharing their talents with the world.

It was literally a dream come true for me when I saw that Rupi Kaur was to host a writing workshop on Instagram Live, at absolutely no cost. People from all over the world joined and it was an experience I will never forget, all in a quiet little corner in my own home.

Rupi guided thousands all over the world to write a letter poem, a list poem as well as a sonnet. At the end of the live, she randomly invited people to join and read out one of their poems. It was amazing and I shed some good tears throughout the session.

It just felt true to the saying  – we’re all in this together!


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3. Getting to my actual work, not only putting out fires

When in office, meetings take up so much of our time and we never really get to do those things right at the bottom of our list. Those things that are actually very important but they keep getting side tracked by the daily madness of “whatever comes up”

While I do miss my colleagues and the office environment, I find I am getting to my to-do-list every day. Prioritising the top items, getting them done and then focusing energy on those items at the bottom of that list!

4. Quality family time

We have had dinner at the dining table together as a family every single night! Nobody’s working late or there’s no gym class to run to and the kids actually look forward to setting the table so that we can all sit down and chat about the day.

Alyssa is very serious about it – she’s even made name tags for each persons table mat and makes sure nobody looks at their phone at the table!

5. Proper sleep

Finally, I’ve been getting my 8 hours in. There’s no school run, lunch bags, dressing, traffic… so this means we can all wake up at our own pace.

My body clock still gets me up before 6am, but I can wake up slowly and have a cup of coffee in bed and just slowly start my day. Bliss!

6. Learning so much about the rest of the world

Before the coronavirus hit our shores, I had absolutely no idea what the Minister of Health’s name was, nevermind the Governer of New York!

But now, I’ve become so addicted to researching this pandemic and I’ve learned so much about other countries, their leaders and cultures.

I haven’t watched any series or movies for a while, I’ve only been watching CNN, eNCA and Sky News!

7. Taking time to think

 Time is so precious. Having the time to think can change your perspective on so many things.

Your priorities will change when you think long and hard and having lived rather slowly this last 2 weeks, it makes me think how little we actually need to be happy, healthy and productive – not just busy!

8. Blogging

My blog has been on a go-slow for so long. I just didn’t have the time. But this past two weeks has really showed me how important it is to make the time for things we love. I love writing and I think its actually a way to help me get through this time.

Strangely enough, I received a couple of messages in the last few weeks from different people asking my advice on something relating to blogging.

So I am working on a post at the moment that I think will be useful. Watch this space.

9. Getting to know a different side of my kids

Aaaaah, this is such a blessing in disguise. Yes, it’s extremely hard to work with the kids at home demanding my attention but at the same time I am getting to see a different side of them. For example when we doing school activities, they kind of interact with me the way they would interact with their teacher… its weird!

But it’s so good to watch them learning and loving having Mom home with them.

They are in fact having the time of their lives. Sibling love is super strong right now.


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10. Finding Inspiration

I’m finding inspiration from so many different and new sources every day. It’s kind of strange as I’ve been cooped up in these four walls for 2 whole weeks. But various things like conversations with colleagues, books I’m reading, video calls with family – it’s as if my mind is clear enough to read between the lines!

I can’t really explain it right now, but I’m taking those tokens and making notes for the future!

How have you been doing over the last few weeks? Any learnings?

I’d love to hear.



P.S Stay up to date with all the regulations and rules relating to the lockdown in South Africa on the official website here.


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    so inspiring ,been hectic my side …thank you for the post


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