My Top 3 Lockdown Reads

Lockdown reads

Reading has definitely been a form of escapism for me during this Lockdown. It’s basically the best way to get my mind off the current crazy world we are living in.

I thought I’d share my top 3 lockdown reads thus far, so if you’re looking for a good read to get you through the time at home, read on!

My Top 3 Lockdown Reads

The Trouble With My Aunt

I received Hedi Lampen’s book titled The Trouble with my Aunt  to review and once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down. The book is based on true events, which is always a draw card for me.

When an unplanned pregnancy seeks to turn the life of a single, career focused woman Leah Fine upside down, Leah fears that her own child may be impaired, just like her aunt. But the thing is.. nobody really knows whats wrong with her Aunt.  During her pregnancy, Leah learns that she may be a carrier for Fragile-X which is a genetic mutation which causes learning disabilities, physical impairment and autism. She has to then consider terminating the pregnancy, however after some digging she uncovers family secrets which changes everything.

This book also gives insight into the traditional Jewish family life which I enjoyed learning about.  I loved getting to know all the different characters and the wit. The book gives you a glimpse at what life looks like caring for an adult who is intellectually challenged – a subject which is not often spoken about and appreciated enough.

Absolutely enjoyed this read! You can order a copy here.

Wildflower By Drew Barrymore 


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What I loved about this book of short stories is that each and every chapter told a different story about Drew’s life. In each chapter there’s a learning that Drew took from the experience and in some form or another, I took out a learning too!

Her experiences may be so different to mine but at the same time, I just loved her outlook on things. It kind of made me look at certain things differently!

Drew is such a good writer, I had absolutely no idea before reading this one.

I picked this book up at the Bargain Books sale in February and I’m so glad I did.

Such A Fun Age By Kiley Reid

my top lockdown reads

I finished this book just as lockdown started. I first heard about the book from Reeses Book Club and I just had to read it.

To be honest, it started off a bit slow for me (even though the most important event of the book happens upfront) however after a few chapters in I was hooked. The story is of a young black woman who is wrongly accused of kidnapping while babysitting a white child, and events that follow it.

As a South African, I could very much relate to this story. The theme of Privilege is evident throughout.

Throughout the novel, the white characters assume they know what’s best for the young black woman without actually looking at things from her perspective. It makes you fully understand the definition of Privilege!

The relationship between the babysitter and her boss is also very insightful. After reading the book I read up on an Interview with the author. Reid said “The history of black women taking care of white children is at the forefront [of the book]. It’s this job that is so important, with really high stakes and a very small margin of error—but also, a 13-year-old could do it.”

Millennial anxiety, Wealth and interracial relationships are also themes throughout, which all in all makes this a very insightful read. No wonder it made number 3 on The New York Times Hardcover Fiction best-sellers list! Not bad for a debut novel!

I purchased this one on Loot.


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Happy Reading!



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