Tips To Boost Your Kids Brain Power And How Xcel Can Help


You’ve probably heard the expression “brain food” at some point. It makes one think of fresh vegetables, fruit and all those good vitamins and minerals which the body needs to be healthy and strong, doesn’t it?

That’s very true – a healthy brain does start with a nutritional foundation, however, there’s actually much more to the process than just fueling your or your child’s brain with food.

In the midst of the current pandemic where many of us are home-schooling our kids in one form or another – there are in fact more ways you can boost your children’s brain power!

Tips To Boost Your Kids Brain Power And How Xcel Can Help

Other than a healthy balanced diet, there are a number of ways to help develop stronger cognitive functions and boost brain power.

Physical activity builds more than just muscles–it actually helps to sharpen the brain. Now that a gym is out of the question, a simple walk work can really do wonders for the overall health of your family. Home obstacle courses or even shooting hoops can be beneficial.

Incorporating a musical activity into your day can really be good for your brain.  Exposing young ears to a number of different styles such as rock, pop, jazz, opera and even classical pieces. A song is made up of lyrics, melody, instruments and vocal sounds and each of these can stimulate different areas of the brain. Music also evokes memories!

Playing games and doing puzzles together are great ways to get your kids thinking. This is also something that the entire family can join in! We love playing games like scrabble and UNO which really encourages the kids to put their thinking caps on.

All of the above also helps to reduce screen time. While learning online it’s inevitable that there’s a lot more time behind a screen, so limiting this time is best – especially now!


How Xcel Can Help Boost Your Kids Brain Power

If you haven’t heard of Xcel tablets and Xcel kids syrup yet – then I am happy to introduce it to you.

We have just started on our journey with Xcel and we are excited to see results. While learning from home, I’ve noticed that on some days the kids sometimes struggle to concentrate and stay focused so we are really putting Xcel to the test.

Xcel, a product of Tibb Health Sciences, can assist children and adults with improved memory, learning capacity and better concentration. The tablets and syrup all made of natural ingredients (no stimulants or alcohol) are aimed at preserving and enhancing cognitive functions by slowing down the process of degeneration of neurons in the brain through antioxidants, nervine tonics and by improving healthy circulation.

Bacopa monnieri and Celastrus paniculatus are present in the Xcel range of products and it helps improve cognitive functions. Centella asiatica and Terminalia arjuna enhance circulation to the brain.


Xcel tablets and kids syrup may naturally:

  • Improve memory at all ages
  • Help with excitability
  • Enhancement of learning capacity
  • Enhance cognitive function
  • Act as an anti-oxidant
  • Help with speech and articulation

The Xcel kids syrup is suitable for children from the ages 3 and up and is a practical way to boost your children’s brain power!

We look forward to our journey with Xcel over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to my social media pages for updates on how it’s going.

To find out more about Xcel, visit the Tibb Health Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

I hope you find these tips useful.



Disclosure: This post was done in collaboration with Tibb Health Sciences.



  1. Ndoyisile Moses Majola November 23, 2020

    Interested in learning more about this. Do I have to get doctor permission to use Excel.

  2. Louisa masilo August 4, 2021

    I am interested i want to know how long will my kid take the Excel syrup

  3. Mercy September 15, 2021

    I Like it I want to try for my son


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