5 Ways To Reactivate Personal Growth in 2020

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2020 has been all about life in lockdown and it has been extremely demotivating for so many reasons. We have all been thrown into the deep end where social distancing and isolation have now become the norm. Even though Level 2 has just kicked in, the country is still in a form of lockdown and the virus has not disappeared. This is just a step to get our economy going a bit more.

I always like to look at things in a positive light and I honestly believe that through this challenging time there is room to grow and become better.

Our normal habits have basically been poured down the drain and we are missing our usual rituals. Also, all the goals and things we set out to do at the start of the year are actually laughable right now!

After being in denial at first, I’ve tried to put things in a different perspective and not just see things as a “disruption” but rather as an opportunity to do new things and do some things a bit differently. By doing so I think it can rebuild some confidence and motivation … which will ultimately attribute to personal growth.

I thought I’d put down some ideas to reactivate personal growth during this crazy time we are living in!

Ways To Reactivate Personal Growth During 2020

Start Something New

Learning about something new and getting something off the ground is really exciting, especially if it’s something you’ve always been passionate about and have been putting off for a long time. Well now, many of us have a lot more extra time on our hands due to the lack of socialising so why not make the most of it by learning a new skill or putting a plan into action.

I’ve been blogging for a while and although I’ve been taking “ok-ish” pictures with my camera on Auto mode, I’ve always wanted to delve a bit deeper into photography and start taking pictures in manual mode. So I’ve signed up for a photography online class to do just that!

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a podcast or a blog (I have some tips to starting a blog here), why not start doing the ground work while you have the time?

Start A Mindfulness Practice

I cannot stress how practicing mindfulness has completely changed my day to day routines.

Currently, I am doing a Leadership course thanks to my employer. A morning meditation and breathing exercises during the day has been highly recommended. It really is great.

It was a bit difficult to get into at first, so I’ve downloaded the Insights timer app to help me out and it’s been amazing.


During these past few months of lockdown I’ve probably read more books than I ever have in the last 5 years! I finally got through my “To Be Read” pile and have had to stock up on some more books.

Reading is not only a form of escapism but also just gives you different perspectives, regardless of the storyline or genre.

I read a post on Instagram the other day where someone said they struggle to read a book and “get into it”.

My tip would be to start reading something that you are really actually interested in as opposed to a book that you think you should be reading like whatever’s trending on the gram.

Work it out!

It’s Winter, we’re stuck at home and more likely to snack on not-so-healthy treats AND there’s a deadly virus going around. Experts also suggest that exercise may protect you against complications from the coronavirus.

A healthy body also aids a healthy mind. So, there’s actually no better time to work on and improve your fitness goals than now.

There are currently so many free online resources to get your body moving. If you stuck and really don’t know where to look, I will gladly send you some links and ideas.

Re-organize Something

This is not always a fun task but the end result is always worthwhile. Whether you re-organize your home desk or your garage, that feeling of “structure” and “organisation” can be mentally beneficial.

I think we can all relate to the fact that it’s easier to get to work when our desk is clean. In that same manner it’s easier to kick off new projects at home when your house is organized.

Personal growth is very much possible in 2020! 

Just remember that every little thing counts.

Hope you’re have an amazing week.




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