Alyssa’s mini room makeover with Builders Smart Storage Solutions

room makeover

This year has really made us all do things we would never have imagined! Never in a million years would I have thought that our home would be our offices and classrooms for a major part of the year!

We’ve had to shuffle things around so that everyone had a comfortable space to work in. What was apparent while Alyssa was learning from home, was that she definitely needed a bigger workspace to do her schoolwork. She has grown out of those mini kiddies tables and was in need of a little learning space of her own which she can grow into for the rest of schooling career.

Alyssa’s Room Had A Mini Makeover

In a corner of her room, there was a huge bookshelf which housed basically all of the books that she had since baby along with other trinkets and toys which basically amounted to loads of clutter.

mini makeover

It basically took me a weekend to sort through it all and finally got to the items which she still uses and needed. The timing was actually perfect because Builders Warehouse then asked me to check out their Smart Storage Solutions and see how it could help us in Alyssa’s room.

We knew we needed a desk for her to work in however, there were still some books, stationary and some trinkets which she wanted to keep.

Builders Smart Storage Solutions

We were quite surprised at the range of items we found at Builders. From baskets to shelves,desks and containers – we didn’t have to look any further.

What was news to me was that the Builders Online store in fact has additional items not necessarily available in store. This is how we came across Alyssa’s new desk!

We ordered the desk as well as some storage baskets for the desk online. The storage baskets arrived the SAME day! The desk had a lead time of 7-14 working days, but it gave us time to de-clutter her room and also give it a paint.

We are so happy with the outcome!

mini makeover

But more importantly, Alyssa is so in love with the space!

mini makeover

The floating shelf above her desk is also from Builders but we bought it a while back and it seemed to just fit in with the space perfectly!

We still have a few little finishing touches to add. For example, she may need a slightly higher chair or a foot stool so that she sits correctly. But overall, I think it’s a major improvement.

room makeover

Thanks to Builders for the awesome, smart storage solutions which has made this mini makeover so easy!



** In collaboration with Builders #TradeExchange

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  1. Candice October 12, 2020

    She has such a cute little space! Love it!


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