My Top Free Online Workouts To Do At Home

free online workouts

Reflecting on the year that was, I realised the one thing I was most consistent with – my workouts!

I really do miss the gym and I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I last entered the gym doors. I’ve actually made the sad decision to cancel my membership as I doubt I will be heading there any time soon.

Since the start of lockdown I’ve been working out at home and have enjoyed so many free online workout resources. To be honest, I’m really enjoying it and have never felt better about my fitness level.

I thought I’d make a list of my favourite workout videos and exercises in case you’re looking to try something new. There’s something here for all levels, so I thought I’d share..

My Top Free Online Workouts To Do At Home

Most challenging workouts – Heather Robertson on YouTube

Probably the most challenging of them all – but after one of Heather’s workouts I really feel pumped for the day!

I really enjoy her 40 minute HIIT classes where I can really feel those calories burning to her shorter videos like 11 minute Abs – there’s something for my every mood.

Absolutely love these workouts!

Favourite Weekend Workouts – Virgin Active Live Workouts

On weekends I like to change things up a bit and do something different. I love joining the Virgin Active Live Workouts on Facebook on a Saturday morning. They are always fun and it really makes me feel like I’m part of a gym class.

The live workouts are also saved to the page, so you can always do the workouts in your own time.

The Most Fun Workouts – Pop Sugar Fitness

When I feel like dancing or having fun with my workouts, the Pop Sugar Fitness Facebook Page is my go to!

From fun dancing to pilates or yoga, there’s something for everyone here!

Quick but effective workouts – @Fitgirlza on Instagram

My favourite SA fitness influencer on Instagram has to be Aneeka Buys aka @Fitgirlza on Instagram.

I love her minimal equipment fun workouts which can be done at home.

She makes it looks so easy – but believe me, you’ll feel the burn!

Best Arm Workout – Victoria Beckham’s IGTV

I’m a Posh Spice fan and am easily influenced by any of her reccomendations.

During lockdown, her personal trainer Tracy Anderson shared some awesome workouts. The arm workout she shared has become a go-to for me. It’s a short workout but I promise – you’ll feel it!

All you need is a towel and light dumbbells!

My own “Remix” workouts

Over the years I’ve built up my workout equipment and so has Kurt, so even without the help of an online class – I can make up my own workout routines.

My skipping rope and dumbbells are my staples and I create my own sets.

Hope you find this list useful.



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