Why I Want To Improve My Gut Health This Year

gut health

Gut health sounds like quite a complex topic, but the more I learn about it the more I care about the shape my gut is in!

A while ago I attended a course about the art of ageing and my biggest takeout from it was that if you want to live longer and have a better quality of life – you’ve got to take care of your gut!  

Your gut is said to be your second brain. If your gut is in good shape, you will feel good on the inside. When we have a daily health struggle like bloating or lethargy we actually forget what feeling good is like! And as we get older, we think, well, I’ve now hit a certain age so I’m supposed to feel this way! Well, I’ve come to learn that a lot of these struggles have to do with our gut.

Why I Want To Improve My Gut Health This Year

How Probiotics Can Help

Probiotics have become more popular in recent years. One of their important jobs is to fight the effects of bad bacteria, as they travel through the digestive track. If only that’s all we needed, right?

But like with anything, probiotics work best with a healthy lifestyle. Probiotics are great at keeping the gut healthy, but they aren’t everything. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and immune boosting supplements are still needed.

I’ve been consistent with my exercising but for a large part of the lockdown last year, I also indulged in things which were not necessarily the best for me. This year I want to up my food game and also start including foods that are a good source of probiotics to improve my gut health.

How Probitec Is Helping Me

I’ve tried a few probiotics in the past but to be honest, I wasn’t feeling any different while using them.

I then started using Probitec which is a highly effective prebiotic that feeds good bacteria to the gut whilst cleaning out unwanted toxins.

gut health

Due to the duocap design of the probitec capsules, it is shown to deliver 10 times more probiotics to the gut than the next best performing brand, and 2000 times more than the market leader. Most probiotics do not make it to the gut, and if these good bacteria are not protected, as much as 90% will be destroyed by stomach acid.

Probitec is 10 times more effective in reducing the symptoms of antibiotics, IBS, Diarrhoea,  Lactose Intolerance, Candida, Allergies (I have noticed a remarkable difference) and Bacterial Vaginosis.

My energy levels are up and I also feel less bloated these days!

I have a discount code for you!

If you’d like to try Probitec for yourself – you can get R50 off PLUS free delivery if you order Probitec on the Natural Choice website by using my exclusive discount code: Hay50

Let me know if you give it a try!

Do you have any health goals this year? I would love to hear.



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