{WIN} The Jellyfish Jiggle – A New children’s story book by local author Kayla Diamond

the jellyfish jiggle

I am still in disbelief that I have a grade 2 daughter and grade R son! Where has the time gone?

What’s so lovely about them both being so close in age and in the foundation phase together, is that they are learning so much from each other. Alyssa is now reading beautifully and is able to help her brother learn the basics. Her teacher is encouraging her class to read one non-school book per week which I think is a brilliant idea! Alyssa has taken up the challenge and in fact reading even more and often reads to Aidan.

So naturally, the kids were excited when they were sent a copy of local author Kayla Diamond’s new children’s picture story book, titled The Jellyfish Jiggle.

The Jellyfish Jiggle – A New children’s story book by local author Kayla Diamond

The Jellyfish Jiggle

The kids were immediately drawn into the life of Jules from The Jellyfish Jiggle. I love the storyline too as it follows the theme of self-acceptance and courage to be who you are no matter what!

The story follows Jules, a young jellyfish who doesn’t quite move the same as all the other jellyfish she knows and gets discouraged by her differences.

Jules loses her lack of self-esteem and then finds herself in a sad self-critical bubble until she meets a very funky and confident Octopus named OctoRockto who teaches her the most important life-lesson she could receive – the ways of self-love and acceptance!

The book is written by South African local, Kayla Diamond – author, teacher, kids supporter and mentor, who has dedicated her professional career and life to helping future generations of children through inspiring stories that kids (and adults) can relate to!

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the jellyfish jiggle

Win A Copy of The Jellyfish Jiggle

I have some exciting news for you guys! I have 3 copies of The Jellyfish Jiggle to give away to 3 of my readers. You can enter here on the blog, on my Facebook page or Instagram page. I’ll pick a winner from each platform.

To enter here on the blog, drop a comment below and tell me if your kids love reading as much as mine do!

You can increase your chances of winning by entering on my Instagram or Facebook page too!

Giveaway closes Sunday 31 January 2021.


Good luck



  1. Carly Clarke January 26, 2021

    How awesome this would be for my daughter also grade 2

  2. Kirsty Robinson January 26, 2021

    My boys absolutely love reading. We try to read every night before bed.

    • Hayley February 9, 2021

      Hi Kirsty! Congratulations You have been selected as one of the competition winners. Please send me an email to Hayleymalan18@gmail.com with your daytime delivery address and contact number so we can send your prize xx

  3. Tania January 27, 2021

    My kids love reading they are 8 and 9

  4. Anmar January 27, 2021

    We definitely love reading. Every night we read bedtime stories and then talk about what was read .


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