An Old Cupboard Transformed Into A Pegboard Gym & Office Storage

Some of you may have been following my home office project on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

If you haven’t, Kurt and I basically decided to declutter the granny flat on our property, which just became a storage space over the years, into our home office.

Inside one of the rooms, there’s was an old cupboard that didn’t look great at all. Kurt and I were about to break it down and get rid of it. However, thanks to Studio Taryn B who I’ve collaborated with on this project, convinced me to keep it.

Her idea was brilliant – the cupboard is not just my office storage space but also has a pegboard storage solution for my home gym equipment.

Old Cupboard Transformed Into A Pegboard Gym & Office Storage

When I shared images of this on social media, I had so many questions about the process so I thought it would be easier to just put all the answers down in a blog post so that if you ever dare to tackle a similar project in the future, everything is all in one place!

But before we start, take a look at what the cupboard looked like before…

And this is what it looks like now…

These were the most asked questions about the cupboard transformation …

Was the cupboard doors melamine and how did you manage to paint it?

Yes, it is melamine doors which I also had no idea that it could be painted!

But thanks to my dads advice, I gave it a go! I first gave the cupboard doors a good clean using sugar soap which really helped get rid of paint splatters, dirt marks and even dried glue. I then took the doors off from the hinges (well, Kurt did that part) and then I sanded them down as well as the cupboard frame.

After wiping them down once again, I painted it with 2 coats of primer and allowed it to dry. Once dry, I painted it with 2 coats of white paint.

Which products did you use to paint the melamine doors?

I used the following primer, which is available at Builders.

pegboard gym storage

The paint I used was also from Dulux and purchased from Builders. It’s the luxurious silk in brilliant white.

How did you make the pegboard for your gym equipment?

This part was easier than I thought. I took the measurements of the size I needed and headed to Builders. They cut a pegboard sheet down to size for me within minutes! I also got some thin strips of wood for the backing which were also cut down to size.

Once the backing was glued to the pegboard, it was screwed into the cupboard area. I then painted it will leftover pink paint I had.

Here’s a quick reel of the process:

Where did you find the rose gold pegboard hooks?

The hooks are also from Builders, but they are silver. I sprayed them with a rose gold spraypaint also available at Builders.

Where did you find those rose gold handles?

I got these in store from Raiel.

Where is the pink trolley from?

pegboard gym storage

The trolley was bought at Takealot.

Where are the wicker baskets at the top of the cupboard from?

The baskets are also available from Builders.

I hope this inspires you and helps you one day soon!

When you do tackle a cupboard of your own, share some pictures with me. I love to see a good transformation!



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