AirPop Masks Review

By now, we are all so used to living the “masked life”, especially the kids! It’s hard for them to even remember life without having our faces covered up.

Alyssa and Aidan are so used to mask wearing that I sometimes need to remind them they can take it off when we are driving in the car!

Although life is somewhat returning “back to normal” and mask wearing is no longer required outdoors, it doesn’t look like mask wearing is going anywhere – especially with Winter on it’s way.

We were recently sent some Airpop masks to try out and it has really come in handy!

Airpop Masks Review

I was super excited to try them out as both Alyssa and myself are prone to getting skin irritations from mask wearing and I’ve also heard only good things about the Airpop mask range.

The masks come in different sizes suitable for adults , teens and kids. We were sent a mix of the AirPop kids masks, Pocket and light SE masks which was great so we could all try them out.

First and foremost, what I love about these masks is that they are reusable and washable.

airpop masks

But what we love most about them – is the comfortability factor. The adult face masks have reinforced, welding ribs to provide compression and strength during wear. The masks have been designed for cumulative use of one week or no more than 40 hours.

These also act as flexible folding joints for easy collapsing whilst folding for use with a Airpop Pocket storage case (sold seperately).

The kids masks have a skin friendly soft membrane which perfectly seals the nose bridge. This is great for keeping the mask “up” and not falling under the nose.

The kids definitely prefer using these compared to disposable or cloth masks, mainly due to the comfortability factor as they have to wear them for hours at a time during their school day.

I’ve been using the Airpop Light SE masks and there’s a few things I love about it:

  • It has adjustable ear loops which means it can fit every face.
  • It is really comfortable and I’ve been able to wear it for hours at a time
  • I’ve also worn it with sunglasses a few times and they didn’t fog up!
  • I felt that I could breath : I think it’s a combination of the material of the the mask and that it has a 3D structure which creates a canopy of air that keeps the mask off the face.

The masks are sold on Takealot if you are keen to try them out.



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