Alyssa’s mini room makeover with Builders Smart Storage Solutions

room makeover

This year has really made us all do things we would never have imagined! Never in a million years would I have thought that our home would be our offices and classrooms for a major part of the year!

We’ve had to shuffle things around so that everyone had a comfortable space to work in. What was apparent while Alyssa was learning from home, was that she definitely needed a bigger workspace to do her schoolwork. She has grown out of those mini kiddies tables and was in need of a little learning space of her own which she can grow into for the rest of schooling career.

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Sheep Will Never Rule The World: A Book That Brings Inspiration For Life And Business

sheep will never rule

I’m all about living my best life and am always on the lookout for positive and inspiring stories – whether it be personal or business related. Whenever I hear about people’s successes and journeys, it leaves me feeling motivated and makes me want to reach my full potential.

This is exactly why I was so excited when Catherine Wijnberg’s new book, Sheep Will Never Rule The World, landed on my desk.

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5 Ways To Reactivate Personal Growth in 2020

personal growth

2020 has been all about life in lockdown and it has been extremely demotivating for so many reasons. We have all been thrown into the deep end where social distancing and isolation have now become the norm. Even though Level 2 has just kicked in, the country is still in a form of lockdown and the virus has not disappeared. This is just a step to get our economy going a bit more.

I always like to look at things in a positive light and I honestly believe that through this challenging time there is room to grow and become better.

Our normal habits have basically been poured down the drain and we are missing our usual rituals. Also, all the goals and things we set out to do at the start of the year are actually laughable right now!

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