Fathers Day Gift Ideas

While I’ve been dropping hints at a certain someone for my birthdays and special days, the very person I aim them at is getting pretty good at dropping hints of his own lately!

While he may not be my Father, I of course need to arrange something for him on behalf of the kids.

I thought I’d share some of the hints along with a few of my own picks, which could perhaps help anyone still trying to get their Fathers Day gifts sorted:

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Win A Pampers Pants Hamper – Closed


So this month is all about the Dads – the one’s who are there for our kids and the men to whom our children look up to. As I mentioned in my last post, Modern Day Dads share responsibility equally with their partners. So just like us busy Moms who need a break every now and again – so do they!

In our household, Kurt has probably changed an equal amount of nappies as I have, and on his behalf, I can say that Pampers Pants has certainly been the easiest for him nappy to change.

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Modern Day Dads


Let’s rewind a few decades back, to when most men were the sole breadwinners in the home. It was a man’s duty to work and bring home the bacon, and it was the woman’s duty to be barefoot, pregnant in the kitchen.

While some families may still be able to afford that arrangement, these days both parties have to do some form of work to bring in an income.

Does this mean that caring for the kids is now an equal responsibility for both parents?

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Unwind In Wellington This Winter

After a late night spent out at the Justin Bieber concert last month, Kurt and I looked forward to relax and unwind in Wellington the next day. And that is exactly what we did.

Along with a few other members of the media, we got to kick back and chill at 4 superb venues which are ready to welcome guests this Winter.

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