Ten Years, Ten Lessons

ten years ten lessons

Today Kurt and I celebrate 10 years of marriage! God has truly blessed us abundantly over the last decade.

This post is not a trip down memory lane, there aren’t any long drawn out promises for the future nor are there any lavish renewal of vows as they would do in the Bold and the Beautiful 😂

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{WIN} Start A Holiday Tradition With A Gingerbread House Kit

Gingerbread House Kit

I’m not going to lie – I am one of those people who are just completely into the festive season. And I think it’s rubbed off on Alyssa and Aidan.

I’m already using the “Santa’s watching you” and the “He knows when you are sleeping” cards and it’s working! They wouldn’t dare do anything that will make Santa miss our chimney on Christmas Eve.

The excitement started when we received a Gingerbread House Kit to try out. I kept it under wraps for a bit, but decided to give it a go this past weekend. But, boy oh boy, it’s really gotten us into a festive spirit.

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The One Thing I Stopped Doing That Improved My Marriage

one thing i stopped doing that improved my marriage

Kurt and I will be married 10 years next week and naturally, I’ve been reflecting on our life together. It seems surreal that we’ve been married for a decade. There’s been ups and downs, highs and lows but most of all, its been fun all the way and the fact that I still feel this way is the best!

I’m sure most married people get irritated with their partners every now and again. It’s completely normal to have disagreements. Kurt and I irritate each other quite often and sometimes something that may seem minor afterwards would usually get to me so badly.

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How Do I Get My Child To Stop Crying At School Drop Off?

stop crying at school drop off

How do I get my child to stop crying at school drop off?

This was the question I asked myself day in and day out for the entire first half of this year.

It was the weirdest thing. Aidan started school in the last term of 2017 and he settled in so well in the toddler class and it actually seemed a breeze. But when school re-opened this year everything just seemed un-familiar to him. New children, new teachers, some of his friends moving to the “big class” – and Aidan just didn’t take very well to those changes.

He would start crying the moment we pulled up at school or he’d start breaking down once I walked him to his class and was about to leave. But the funny thing was that he was having a perfectly fun time once I made my exit, but beginning the day this way was really breaking my heart into a million pieces.

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