Top Gifting Predictions for 2017 From Hasbro: Win A Hamper Worth R1000

As the festive season approaches, Hasbro SA, one of South Africa‘s largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies, has released their anticipated list of suggested gifting solutions, with something for everyone.

Hasbro’s ‘top picks’ promotes play experiences that combine edutainment, quality family time, educational and social skills development with hours of endless fun.

We can absolutely vouch for this as Alyssa and Aidan got to try out a number of the below reccomended gifts! 

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{WIN} Bring Disney Home This Festive Season

Bring home some magic and festive cheer this holiday season and treat the family to re-living Disney memories or experiencing them for the first time!

Disney’s Bring Disney Home retail campaign in stores this holiday season will usher in the festive season at all major retailers. You can expect to see some brand-new Disney friends as well as some firm favorites – from the brand-new Disney Emoji range to your favourite princesses, there’s toys, apparel, games, DVD’s and so much more, a perfect gifting solution the whole family!

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WIN Products From The New NUK NatureSense Range

No matter what anyone says, I believe that every Mom knows what’s best for their own baby. While I breastfed both my children for a year each and know the unique benefits threreof, I do not see anything wrong with bottle feeding a baby. As long as Mom and baby are happy and thriving, what does it matter (and to who) anyway?

While I breastfed my kids, I expressed milk for them while I had to work (or just needed a break that is) and both of them had a preference for drinking the expressed milk in NUK bottles, and a preference for NUK pacifiers for that matter. I was always convinced that it was probably the closest thing to breastfeedng.

I was just introduced to the new NUK Nature Sense range which is as close to nature as never before. But as I said – no matter what you have been told, no one can do what Mother Nature does. NUK can’t do it either. But what they can do is take her as an example.

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Amazing Space! Win A Family Pass To Canal Walk’s Space Station

One of our favourite festive traditions is visiting Canal walk during the year end holidays. We have our annual family picture taken with Santa and we’re always excited to find out what fun activity is taking place in the centre court!

This festive season, Canal Walk Shopping Centre will be playing host to a visiting space station that is designed to welcome earthlings of all ages and provide them with discovery and delight.  On loan to Canal Walk by an inter-planetary council of earth conscious beings, the Super-Galactic Space Station will land in the Centre Court on 7th December 2017 and will depart on 14th January 2018.

The space station includes a gigantic inflatable space maze where would-be space travellers are welcome to explore a series of zones.  Space explorers will proceed to the launch pad before embarking on their mission – to get to the sun (and have as much fun as possible along the way).

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