Are Extramural Activities Really That Necessary?

extramural activities

From Ballet to swimming to Kindermusik, there are just so many extramural activities that kids at a Pre-School level can do!

It can be quite overwhelming and while many parents are thankful for these activities that will keep their kids busy and active, it’s sometimes quite stressful and exhausting to get the kids to a destination at a particular time. You may also need to take time off from work and then, of course, you have to deal with the kit and costs!

So, I always wonder whether my kids absolutely have to do these activities at such a young age? Yes, most of the activities help with their development or provide some safety skills, but other than that how else does it even benefit them and can they not learn these skills at home?

As the school year wraps up, some of my kids Extra Mural teachers invited parents to experience a little display of what the kids have learned over the last year. Had I not attended these, I honestly would have reconsidered all the activities they’ve been doing. But after witnessing these displays and watching my kids absolutely thrive at what they were doing, I think all the pros outdo the cons!

Here are my reasons why:

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Book Review & Win A Little Horse Called Pancakes Book Collection

Earlier this year we came to the realisation that Alyssa has “outgrown” her bookshelf collection.

All the books we’ve collected over the last 5 years (and some from when I was a child) we’ve read over and over and Alyssa was not as excited about each and every book anymore while Aidan can still enjoy these storylines for some time.

This is exactly why I was so excited that we were offered the opportunity to review a proudly South African top-selling collection of books written by Candice Noakes-Dobson.

The collection titled A Little Horse Called Pancakes is a series of stories Candice has written about her young daughter, AnnaB and her special bond with her miniature horse, Pancakes.

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What I Love About Elf On The Shelf

elf on the shelf

If you didn’t before – once you become a parent, you will most likely come across the Elf on the Shelf concept!  Moms around the world either love it… or hate it and there’s not really any in between it seems.

Well, you’re probably one of the parents who has warmed up to the idea… else you wouldn’t be reading this.. right?

If you’re still considering an Elf on the Shelf for your family, let me tell you why I think it’s great and why we are welcoming the little guy into our home:

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