Our Family Holiday In Durban

durban beach

If you follow me on social media or if you’ve read my earlier post, you’d know we’ve spent some time vacationing in Durban this Summer.

The build-up to our trip was just as exciting as the trip itself as it was the very first time that the kids got to travel on an aeroplane. Their suitcases were packed and unpacked (by them) so many times before we even left our home, they just could not wait to get on the plane! So by the time we reached the airport, they didn’t need any help wheeling their bags across the airport, as they had so much practice during the weeks prior!

We decided on Durban as their first “fly-to” destination for a few reasons – the flight was only 2 hours, Kurt and I know certain parts of Durban fairly well and of course – warm beach water!

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Back To School: Win With Crazi Erazi

The 2018 school year has just kicked off and the kids are settling into their classrooms! I just loved seeing all the cute first day of school pictures on social media yesterday. What wonderful memories!

Aidan and especially Alyssa struggled to wake up on their first day, but once they got to school and saw their friends – they were suddenly buzzing.

It’s been a long holiday and they had loads of stories to catch up on! Aidan wanted to put plasters on all his “eina’s” (even ones that have healed) so he could tell his friends and teachers what happened to him! Dramatic, I tell you.

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Alyssa And Aidans First Flight + Tips For Flying With Kids

Flying with kids


We’ve just returned from our family vacation and to be honest, I feel like I need another holiday! Don’t get me wrong, our holiday in Durban was absolutely amazing and the quality family time was priceless (I’ll share more about that soon) – but after all the planning, packing and unpacking – I’m exhausted! If you’ve ever booked flights to Cape Town or anywhere else for that matter, you’d know the planning doesn’t stop there – especially when you have kids coming along!

For the weeks leading up to our trip, I was already feeling anxious about flying with the kids. It was their first time on an aeroplane and Kurt and I had no idea how on earth the kids would react being in the air for 2 hours, especially Aidan!

While we were stressing, the kids seemed to be completely hyped up about their trip and were completely ecstatic when Santa bought them suitcases for Christmas! Smart Santa, don’t you think?

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Kick Off Your New Years Resolutions At The Kegels And Karma Event

yoga stretch

We’re almost halfway through the first month of 2018 and I’m sure many of you would have some form of fitness goal you’d like to work towards this year.

As a Mom, I think it’s  important to set some time aside for yourself. For me, constantly working towards improving my fitness level is something that keeps me going. Even if it’s a little progress over a long period of time, it’s still progress! Don’t you think?

I easily get bored with an exercise routine and love trying out new classes and learning new regimes and ways to improve my wellness. This is exactly why the Kegels & Karma event happening in Paarl this weekend has peeked my interest.

On 13 January, 2018, sisters Janet Kimmel and Shirley Boerssen will be hosting a women’s health and wellness event, Kegels & Karma in Paarl, Cape Town.

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