{WIN } Learn How Your Genetic Profile Can Help Achieve Optimal Health & Manage Body Weight

If you’re like me, Winter makes me want to eat anything and everything in my path. I am so conscious about my eating and exercise routine at the moment and lately, I feel as if I need to do a lot more to “be healthy”, as I’m getting older.

I think I sometimes also just use the cold as an excuse to eat, but I honestly feel like my waist expands with every single bite I eat these days… literally. Why is that? Is it just in my DNA to pick up weight easily?

This is exactly why I’m so excited to find out more about the CTG Centre and DNAlysis.

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Why (I Think) My Kids Are Good Eaters

As a normal-ish human being(or so I hope to think), I often doubt my parenting style and habits. Why do we always tend to zoom in on the negative, especially when it comes to parenting?

Recently, however, I had a sort of “positive” revelation that I, or should I say we (Kurt and I) must be doing at least one thing well.

Alyssa’s school had arranged for dieticians to chat to parents about overall nutrition for toddlers and pre-schoolers. I found the talk extremely useful and from listening to their presentation and questions from other parents it sounded like a lot of kids in this age group are either picky eaters or on the other extreme – over-eaters which could result in obesity.

Then,  after listening to the advice given by the dieticians to get kids on a good eating path and as I looked at my notes, I realised we may just be doing a lot of this already.

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Win A Smart Toy Club Subscription & Minimise Clutter In Your Home

Over the last few months, the Smart Toy Club has been sending us some toys.

At the beginning of each month, we received a bag containing some toys suited to Alyssa and Aidan’s age – and at the end of the month we gave it back and received a new bag!

Kids get bored very easily and while most of them have boxes filled with toys, they really only play with a few during a given period before they lose interest. They do need some variety too, and that’s what’s so perfect about the Smart Toy Club!

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What To Do In Cape Town This School Holidays

Schools out and you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to keep the kids entertained for close to a month!

Although the weather is perfect to stay indoors, cabin fever will soon kick in when you tramp on yet another painful piece of lego. You will then find yourself looking for some exciting places to visit to keep everyone sane! Don’t stress… I’ve got a few ideas for that perfect family outing this school holiday.

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