{Win} Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp Is The Face Of Happy Event

happy event elana

When I think back to my pregnancies, Happy Event, the world-class quality stretchmark product, was probably the product most recommended to me by other Moms! 

That’s because it helps in keeping skin beautifully soft and hydrated in order to prevent stretchmarks right from the beginning of one’s pregnancy. The product dominated the market from its inception. Its growth came from mothers passing it on through word-of-mouth, from generation to generation.

It became the brand people trusted.

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Mothers Day Gift Guide 2018

With just a week left to shop for that perfect Mother’s Day Gift and seeing that a wishlist worked well in my favour in the past – I thought I’d share the ultimate Mothers Day wishlist for 2018.

Let’s hope Alyssa and Aidan have enough saved in their piggy banks….but… there are items on my list to suit each and every budget.

Perhaps you could “subtly” mention your favourite item to your partner… um, I mean kids too!

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Fashion Friday: Why Are “Put Together” Moms Frowned Upon?

There’s been so much outrage since the Duchess, Kate recently stepped on those hospital steps (for the 3rd time) looking fabulous, with her hair blown out and that gorgeous red dress, literally just hours after she’d given birth.

People claimed that by her doing so, unnecessary pressure has been put on normal woman.

Normal woman? What does that mean anyway?

So let’s break it down. What did people expect?

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