My Favourite Gift Giving Strategies

gift giving strategies

How to give the perfect gift, even when you’re on a tight budget

This year, we had a Secret Santa gift exchange at the office. Everyone had to write down a wishlist consisting of 3 items to the value of R150, which they would love as a gift. Most people put some sort of gift voucher on their list and obviously most people opted for this easy option. In my opinion, vouchers are a pretty lame gift to give, even though some people ask for it.

No surprise, the vouchers weren’t the most exciting thing to open at the office gift exchange –  it was a complete anti-climax for those who received one – even though they’d ask for it! You literally had to see their faces 🙁

And the obvious reason for this feeling is that there was not much thought put into the gift.

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My 2018 Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa (AKA Kurt)

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?

I’m 100% positive that I’m not on your naughty list this year! So, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a little wishlist to assist you with your shopping, as I know you sometimes find it hard to find the perfect gift for me! 

So I’ve basically spared you some precious time of wandering around the shops aimlessly trying to find unnecessary gifts.

As always, you can get me any one or more or even all of the gifts on the list! It’s your call, Santa! 

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Nestle’ Nespray Cares About The Long Term Sustainability Of Their Dairy Farms + WIN A Hamper Worth More Than R1000


A recent campaign from Nestle’ has grabbed my attention because if you didn’t know this already – a massive percentage of school-age children (6 – 14 years old) in South Africa suffer from both macro and micro nutrient deficiencies.

This is why the availability of products such as NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW — milk with a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients — is vital to ensuring healthy growing minds.

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I’ve Never Been Happier With My Skin, Thanks To My New SkinCare Routine With Pradiance

Over the last few months, my previously very dry skin has gone through a complete transformation.

I used to experience extremely dry and sensitive patches on my skin, I’m not exactly sure why.This is why I why I was excited to start using products from the Pradiance range, after attending their launch event in October.

 Pradiance products contain powerful African botanicals known for their exceptional healing and anti‑ageing/firming properties. 

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