Competition Winners Announcement

I don’t usually do a blog post to announce Competition winners, but I thought with 3 giveaways that ran concurrently it would be easier to just announce the winners over here!

Seeing that it’s Monday too, what better way to start the week off with some good news:)

So, first up….

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Join Meg Faure At The Launch of Her New Book “Weaning Sense”

From to Baby Sense to Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense and more,  Meg Faure’s books have certainly helped me along my parenting journey! The books have been a lifesaver for many, offering caring guidance and practical routines to help new parents.

I had the privilege of meeting her last year, when she launched Pregnancy Sense  – the perfect handbook for expectant Moms.

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Managing Eczema And Atopic Dermatitis With La-Roche Posay

I will never forget the day I took Alyssa to her paediatrician, after noticing a persistent rash under her arm. I thought it was an allergy of sorts but was quite shocked when the Paediatrician said “That’s Eczema”.

I was in shock when I heard that word, and felt completely helpless. My immediate thought was that this tiny “rash” was just going to get worse and spread all over her body – because this is what I have always associated Eczema with. Growing up, I had a few friends who suffered from the condition quite severely so I thought that was the condition Alyssa would be faced with.

The Paed couldn’t tell me if it would spread or not or whether it would flare up again, but she mentioned that the area of skin looked like it was on the “lower spectrum” of Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. She prescribed a mixture of cream which we used for a week or so, and then the patch cleared up. It flares up now and again and Aidan has started getting them too, but it’s not nearly as severe as I remember my friends’ skin to be.

Still, I hated the feeling of not knowing or fully understanding what is happening to my kid’s skin. So a  few weeks ago I was delighted when I was invited to a workshop at the La Roche-Posay Atopy School hosted at the Dermatology Treatment and Phototherapy Clinic in Century City.  

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Friday Reflections

Firstly, apologies for the silence on the blog. I’ve been sharpening my tools – doing a few courses and will be writing some exams soon. 

It’s also that time of the year where I can feel the burn. My body is tired and run-down which makes me more susceptible to all the germs floating around in the air. I’ve been ill with a cold or flu 4 times this year, which is an all time record. I just hope that as the warmer weather approaches, I won’t be a victim anymore.

I promise to share some more great content with you this month. In the meantime, I hope that you’ve been enjoying the giveaways! There is still a little time to enter the Huggies Hamper Giveaway as well as the Breastfeeding Awareness week Similac Mom Giveaway, so go ahead and enter.

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