My Favourite Products For Dry Skin

products for dry skin

So a couple of weeks ago I shared some natural ways to keep my skin glowing.

Those tips really work well for me, but there are still times when I experience a dry patch of skin and it usually pops up when my body is run down or when the weather season changes.

When that happens, I do need some help to keep my skin moisturised and to get back that glow.

Here are some of the products that help me nurse my skin back to health.

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Why A Holiday Is So Good For You & Win With Afristay


Going away on holiday is a chance to just get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and recharge our batteries. It can truly be beneficial to take a relaxing break every now and again.

But when you’re a parent, it’s quite a bit of a conundrum, as it really is fantastic to get away but at the same time, your parenting duties don’t come to an end.

You won’t necessarily get the chance to catch up on loads of much-needed sleep but you may be able to lie-in in the mornings and chill for a bit, instead of preparing for the 100 things that’s usually part of your normal routine.

And what’s also great, is being in a relaxed, holiday frame of mind! Your body will thank you for taking time out to de-stress on holiday. You will have a bit more time to relax, you’ll get plenty of vitamin D from being in the sunshine and it will give your mind the chance to forget everything going on at home and at work will both de-stress you and relax you.

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Fashion Friday: Bubblegummers Baby!

Who remembers having a pair of Bubblegummers growing up?

For 4 decades, Bubblegummers has been making high-quality children’s footwear which allow children’s feet to develop healthily!

I was absolutely thrilled to be contacted by Bata Shoes, who offered to send us some shoes from their Bubblegummer range.

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How To Get Your Skin To Glow Naturally

how to get your skin to glow naturally

No Filter, no expensive products!

Yes, it’s possible to get a healthy glowing face without being pregnant or without spending a fortune on expensive beauty products!

For me, Winter makes my skin work that much harder to stay moisturised.

After my pregnancies, my skin (especially my face) has become considerably dry. I’ve tried so many different products to help me bring back the glow but what I’ve come to realise is that you really don’t have to break the bank to keep your skin looking healthy.

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