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Hello there!

This month marks 6 years since I launched Hayley’s Joys!  The time has certainly flown by. It all started as a creative outlet and at the time I had no real intentions.

But as time went by, I started learning “the ropes” and naturally I have had so many opportunities to work with brands and making it a side-gig, if you want to call it that.

I work full-time so my blog has always been a side-hustle and I still don’t have any intention of making my blog my full time focus. I enjoy blogging, it’s fun, it’s my creative outlet and I have gotten so many extraordinary opportunities from it and I want to keep things this way for now.

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Date And Walnut Oat Biscuits

Date and walnut oat biscuits

Lockdown has really got us in the kitchen. I don’t think I’ve baked so much in all my life than I have in the last few weeks!

From breads to koeksiesters to biscuits, I’ve made my fair share.

This week I decided to make use of the big bag of dates in the pantry and decided to make some yummy biscuits for us to snack on during the day. I am obsessed with dates and absolutely love the combination of dates and nuts.  Dates are a sweet treat and really satisfies that sweet or chocolate craving!

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Cape Malay Koesister Recipe


Koesisters are our usual Sunday indulgence.. only difference is that this time I made it myself from scratch!

Best part is that it turned out absolutely perfect!

Want to make your own? Read on…. the recipe is right here.

Sometimes there’s confusion about koesisters. Cape Malay koesisters are different from the similar-sounding Afrikaner version, koeksister, which is a crisp and syrupy twisted or plaited doughnut and usually served ice cold.

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Visiting Malaga, Spain

Malaga Spain

It’s surreal to believe that this time last year I was planning a trip to Europe.

And just a few months later, I was on my way to visit good friends in the beautiful city of Malaga in Spain. Thinking about it now, I am so extremely grateful that I had this experience pre- COVID-19 days!  How simple wasn’t life just a few months ago? I’m not taking things for granted very easily anymore.

I thought I would do a post about my favourite experiences visiting the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain and what it has to offer. So if you’re planning to visit Spain after the virus is fully under control, make sure Malaga is on your to-see list.

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