Things To Do In Cape Town This School Holiday

No more school for two whole weeks!!! Are you prepared?

The Easter holidays are here and the kids can finally get to sleep in!

But once they wake up, they’re probably going to be looking at you for ideas to keep them entertained.

If you’re in Cape Town for the holidays, don’t despair – this list of activities will have you covered!

So what, where, how?

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How We Ditched The Dummy


The headline of this post was initially “How Aidan ditched the Dummy”, but it wouldn’t have been accurate.

Aidan was not the one who decided to ditch his dummy. Kurt and I did.

That sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it?

But hear me out.

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More To Share With Pick n Pay This Easter

pick n pay easter

The countdown to the Easter weekend has begun and the kids are looking forward to treats from the Easter Bunny!

Alyssa and Aidan are super excited for what’s to come this week, but thanks to a special gift from Pick n Pay, we’ve already started getting into the holiday spirit.

Our easter hamper consisted of some cute Easter eggs, toys, a gift card and a really awesome baking kit – all of which Pick n Pay currently have in store.

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Fashion Friday: Polka Dots

polka dot fashion

Happy Friday Peeps!

I decided to start a new series over here, called “Fashion Friday”.

I honestly cringe when people ask me “Where do you find the time to dress up and look good when you have 2 kids?” 

I love dressing well as I believe If you take the time, effort and pride into dressing sharp, you will feel good about yourself and at the same time, radiate an image of self-respect and self-worth.

But most importantly, it’s fun! It’s fun experimenting with styles and colours and seeing what works for you.

So my aim for the series is to hopefully inspire you in one way or another whether you’re a Mom or not – be it through an outfit idea or a trend you could try out for yourself. 

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