Fry’s Superfoods For Superkids

fry's superkids

Trying to get your family to go Meatless on a Monday?

Well, this may just be the best way to peak your kids interest!

Frys recently sent us a gorgeous Superkids starter kit including their new e-cookbook for families as well as Fry’s new Crafted Range products which made for a ‘super’ chef-ing experience in our kitchen this weekend.

And you know just how much Alyssa and Aidan love the kitchen!

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Win With Disney Elena, In Celebration Of The Second Season

Who doesn’t love a Disney Princess?

One Disney princess that’s popular in our home is Princess Elana. Ever since season one launched on the Disney Channel, Alyssa and Aidan have been singing along to the opening song.

And now Disney Channel has released the second season of Elena of Avalor that has just started on the channel.

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Awesome Kids Party Venues In Cape Town

kids party venue cape town

For the last 5 years of my life, basically since the day I found out I was pregnant with Alyssa, – my definition of the word party had a whole new meaning.

Never in my wildest dreams could  I imagine the amount of kids party venues in Cape Town that I would visit, not only to host my own kids birthday parties – but to attend their friends and cousins parties too!

Alyssa and Aidan’s social calendar is lit, I tell you!

If you’re anything like me who leaves everything until the last minute, it’s always a mission trying to find party venues that would suit your kid’s party theme or accommodate your budget on such short notice.

I’ve hosted my kids parties at some gorgeous venues and we’ve also attended parties at places that we really loved, so I thought I’d share a list of our favourite kids party venues in Cape Town that you may find useful.

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The Verdict – Are Meal Kits More Expensive Than Groceries?{WIN}


If you haven’t read my first post posing this question – then please read it first so that you’ll have the full context.

But, basically, I was challenged by the Daily Dish to do a cost comparison between the price of their Family meal box versus the cost of buying groceries to cook the very same meals.

I was tasked to find out whether buying a meal kit from the Daily Dish, really is more value for money than buying groceries? 

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