Alyssa’s Dollhouse Reveal

For Alyssa’s 5th Birthday, my Dad made her a Dollhouse.

After showing my Dad a few pictures from Pinterest, he literally made it in one day and surprised Alyssa with it on the evening before her birthday. She had no idea that he was making it, so you can imagine her amazement when she saw it.

The wooden dollhouse is literally lifesize and Alyssa was even more excited by the prospect of decorating the house with some paint and wallpaper.

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Busy Moms: Cleaning Tips For Whatever Life Chux At Us

cleaning tips moms chug

As a busy Mom, I love finding cleaning tips and hacks because – who doesn’t want a clean home?  But, it just isn’t feasible to be cleaning every waking moment, especially when you have kids around.

Even though we have loads of help from our domestic worker during the weekdays, if you visited our home on a Friday evening – you wouldn’t believe that we did!

Our home is literally spotless when she leaves, but trust Alyssa and Aidan to change that in a matter of minutes.

Between raising the kids, running errands and everything else life chux at us, a clean home can easily end up on the back burner for us if we let it. But I just can’t!

A clean home is a comfortable and happy home.

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Win With Fisher-Price Thomas And Friends

thomas and friends

Aidan welcomed his Thomas and Friends gift that he received – with open arms!

He has literally been obsessed with trains since he was a little baby and up until today, he believes that his nanny goes home with Thomas on the train, every day of the week.

I absolutely love how Thomas and his pals get Aidan running around and on the ground putting the carriages together and chasing the train around the house.

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We Launched The #CTMomsWhoBlog Event

#CTMomsWhoBlog Cape Town Bloggers

Four strangers connected through Motherhood and the love for blogging – this is what transformed a simple coffee date into something so much bigger.

Being part of the blogger community is really a great experience as you get to meet so many new people and make connections that can literally change your life – and sometimes without even meeting the person face-to-face!

This is exactly what happened when fellow bloggers Ciska from Raising Hudson DK, Tracy from Liam and Cole  Nicole from Hearts and Hiccups and I became online buddies.

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