Win A Photoshoot With Curtis Golden Photography

It’s the weekend and what better way to start it off with a giveaway!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a photoshoot with Curtis Golden Photography. It’s funny how we met up actually.

Remember my post about being a Bad Mom? Well, one night I decided to follow through on plans my bestie and attend an event – eventhough Alyssa was sick! I honestly enjoyed myself so much that night and Alyssa was just fine.

Well, on that night I happened to win a prize – being a photoshoot with Curtis! Yay!

Curtis has just been amazing to work with and is really such a cool guy. I look forward to working with him again, very soon!

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Motherhood Update: Aidan At School

Never in my life was I as anxious as I was in the time leading up to this school term.

Every time I thought about Aidan’s first day at Toddler School, my stomach turned into a huge knot.

Aidan has always had a good case of “stranger danger” and would literally only allow very familiar people in his personal space. He takes a long while to get used to somebody new and even then, Mom or Dad would need to be in his eye line. His Nanny was literally the only person he would ever willingly stay alone with.

So when his first day of school arrived, I was so nervous. I could barely drive. My hands were shaking. I was preparing myself for a tug of war with him at the school gates. But that morning, I noticed Aidan seemed rather excited from the moment he opened his eyes.

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I’m A Bad Mom, So What


I’m a Bad Mom… so what. Sorry, not sorry.

Every Bad Mom has their own definition of the meaning. And every Bad Mom has their own reasons for being “bad”.

If you haven’t watched the movie Bad Moms (which you totally should) I’m sure you’d have seen one or another movie where there are characters playing the perfect group of Soccer Moms.

You know the ones that are on the PTA and bakes the most beautiful cake for the bake sale? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being that perfect Mom, in fact, some of us (including me) may aspire to be that Mom at times – but realistically – that is just NOT me!

And honestly….I don’t feel bad about it. Here’s why

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{WIN} Wriggle And Rhyme With The New Bush Babies CD

A few weeks ago, we received a package from the lovely Kirsty from Wriggle and Rhyme. I was already familiar with the brand as Alyssa’s school has participated in one of their programs.

I was very excited to hear about the launch of their new Bush Babies CD – but, I cannot even explain how very much Alyssa and Aidan have been enjoying listening to the CD! The kids have been begging to listen to it every day since.

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