Loving The Skin That I’m In With Avon Care, #LoveAvonCare

Avon Care


So the month of love has come and gone. While many focus on spoiling their loved ones during this time, I hope you got the chance to spoil yourself a little?

It’s so important to squeeze in a little “Me-time” every now and again, I am always stressing this point! You may have seen that I’ve been enjoying the Avon Care range this month and incorporating it into my skin care routine.

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7 Tips To Be More Productive This Week

tips to be more productive

2019 has honestly just been GO, GO, GO!

It really feels like October already!

Being busy and productive is a good thing though. It means we are fulfilled, hopefully making money and putting our brains to good use.

But sometimes, when I have too much on my plate, I tend to step back and end up doing nothing and wasting time and then leaving everything to the very last minute and just hastily making decisions and doing things. Am I the only one?

I hate doing that. I find that if I plan better and set myself realistic goals, I end up ticking things off my checklist very quickly and efficiently! 

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Alyssa’s 6th Birthday Party At The Kids Cooking Club

Sixth Birthday

Alyssa had an “absolute ball” of a birthday weekend – her words exactly!

Her birthday weekend kicked off early on Saturday morning where some of her school friends and cousins joined her for a Masterchef party at The Kids Cooking Club.

Alyssa didn’t quite know what kind of party she wanted this year. I was looking for ideas and then came across The Kids Cooking Club. We’ve heard about them before and seen what they have to offer at the Good Food and Wine show a few years ago – and Alyssa and Aidan absolutely loved it.

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Dear Alyssa

A letter to Alyssa on her sixth birthday…

SIX …. how did we get here so quickly?

Every year on your birthday when I write you a letter, I literally get teary eyed thinking of how special you are and every year there are even more reasons to think so. God could not have blessed me anymore in the Daughter department. 

Your loving, caring nature is absolutely amazing and as you’re getting older it’s shining through more and more.

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