Our Living Room DIY Built- in Reveal

DIY Built-in

For years, I dreamt of having built-in shelving in our living room… but my husband was hard to convince! It is a shared living space where we spend most of our time, so naturally I needed his buy-in and the kids of course.

Fast forward to 2021, you may recall we had some help from an interior designer with our home office. When chatting to her about our home in general, she mentioned how amazing a built-in unit would look in our living room – and right there and then, I could see Kurt was finally convinced 🙂

So a few months later, we started planning and designing the built-in of my dreams!

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My Review Of Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

If you had to pick your favourite sense out of all 5, what would it be?

For me, it would have to be that of smell! Over the years, I’ve had a couple of diffusers in our home as it has the advantage of leaving the aroma of essential oil throughout but also providing all the benefits of aromatherapy.

Recently, I was asked to review the Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser from Organic Aromas which is distinctly unique from all the others I’ve tried before.

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Magformers – The Magnetic Building Toy Your Kids Will Absolutely Love!


Have you or your kids heard of Magformers?  Well – we have had the chance to check them out and we are obsessed! Alyssa and Aidan cannot get enough of them.

If you are unfamiliar with Magformers – they are basically colourful, sturdy, plastic shapes that you can build so many different things with.

Suitable for kids of all ages (from three years up) and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – squares, triangles, pentagons and more.

But the best part is that they are magnetic!

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Books My Kids Are Loving Right Now

Wish I could be chilling hard with a good book like these two – but alas, Mom has to work!

I recently shared the books that I read and loved in September and seeing that Alyssa and Aidan have been loving a few good books too, I thought I would share them over here too!

So if you are looking to add a few good reads to your child’s collection – here are some recommendations from my two little bookworms.

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