Tips For Potty Training Boys: Aidan’s Journey

potty training boys

Other than 1 night time pull-up pants for Aidan (just in case), my nappy-changing days are over – and it’s all thanks to Aidan, who has potty-trained like a pro!

Unlike where the Dummy was concerned where the ball was in our court to take it away from him, only Aidan could really master the art of potty training.

You can find quite a bit of information, professional advice and tips for potty-training online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy.

While Aidan has been superb throughout – it didn’t just happen overnight.

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Fashion Friday: The Beret Is Back


The Beret is back and thanks to social media, it’s amazing to see how quickly and easily it’s become popular again.

For some, it may seem a bit much to style the beret  – without looking like a tourist visiting Paris for the first time!

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Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, Right?

It’s the day before my birthday.

Over the last couple years, this day would usually leave me feeling down for some reason.  The older I get, the less “fun” my birthday seems to be. And I’m not only talking about the partying.

The realisation that I’m another year older, just shakes me. Over the weekend, I could feel that feeling setting in. 35 is a huge number – it marks the “mid-thirties” – so I was literally starting to bid my youth farewell.

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Aidan’s Superhero Birthday Party

superhero party

So my superhero-obsessed little man finally got to have his party!

He was literally so excited for the big day to arrive,  waking up each morning enquiring  “Is it my party today, Mom?” 

But who can blame the little guy, his actual birthday was a week prior, it was over the long  Easter weekend and it was school holidays – so he was so confused about what day it was.

But eventually, the day came – and he couldn’t have asked for more special day.

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