How I Reset And Recovered With MyMassage

Going full steam back into the gym recently after weeks of not doing a thing, my body really felt the pain. Who said there was a thing as muscle memory?

Well, it’s my own fault actually. I didn’t just start off with a quick and easy workout. I started off with a 60 minute Rumble class at the Gym which is basically a fast pace, circuit-based boxing class!

My muscles didn’t seem to remember any way of recovering after that class!!!

It literally felt like I had shackles on my ankles and elbows (yes elbows) and every time I laughed my entire right side pulled stiff.

Must be age catching up with me?

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How Is It Possible To Raise Kids Who Are So Different?

Is it just plain old human nature to compare things?

Most of us are guilty of comparing ourselves with others at some point, even when we know that we really shouldn’t. I suppose it’s a bit of human nature to see how we fare against our peers in certain respects, but it will never ever be a fair comparison.

Everyone is different. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and we are all at different stages of our lives.

But when it comes to raising your kids, is it normal to compare your own children with each another?

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{WIN} Add A Touch Of Quirkiness With The Crazy Store’s ‘Thingamajig’ Range

The Crazy Store continues to take the boring out of ordinary items and add a touch of fun and colour by extending the ‘Thingamajig’ range – an exclusive assortment of functional items which have a fun and quirky side to them. The range consists of brightly coloured, creative and unique kitchen tools, handy gadgets, novelty home items, bar and party products.

I always find the cutest items in this range, like my contact lens holders or cute items for my desk!  

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Family Getaway To Blue Gum Country Estate in Stanford

Bluegum Country Estate

We are halfway through the year, Winter is in full swing and the kids are enjoying a lovely long break from school – so what better time for an escape out of the busy city?

Just in time, Bluegum Country Estate invited us to stay over for a relaxing country experience. The luxury guest house accommodation in Stanford is approximately 2 hours from Cape Town, making it a great road trip destination for families with rather impatient little ones like mine!

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