What I’d Miss Most About South Africa If We Relocate

flights to london

Very few may know this (until now that is) but shortly after Aidan was born, I was offered a job in Dubai and we were seriously considering to relocate there. Although we decided to stay in South Africa after some serious consideration, I often wonder how things would have turned out should we have gone. Had the job offer been in London however, I think our decision may have differed.

For one, Kurt had lived there for a while and I think we’d have settled in a lot easier than in Dubai. Nevertheless, it would have still been a big decision to make whether to leave South Africa or not.

If we were ever to say goodbye and book flights to London , or any another country for that matter, there’d be quite a few things that I’d miss about our rainbow nation:

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Win A Disney Junior Hamper Worth Over R1000

I recently got a sneak- peak of what  Disney has up their sleeve over the next few months! I’m not allowed to say too much just yet, but boy oh boy – we are going to be blown away!!!
I was excited to see what Disney Junior has to offer in the next couple of months because it’s what Alyssa and Aidan are currently interested in! Apart from the Disney Junior TV shows, there are also products that peak our kid’s interest!

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Create A Green Baby Shower Gift Registry With Faithful To Nature

Faithful-to-Nature Gift Registry

These days, Alyssa and Aidan are teaching me a thing or 2 about being a “greener citizen”! They are quite clued up on what is friendly to our environment and what is not – because this is how they are being taught at school!

But as a parent, creating a non-toxic environment to raise our kids is just as is important – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen overnight. It can be quite a lengthy and somewhat expensive process, but one that is worth every cent.

Last week I got to attend a very unique baby shower at the 12 Apostles Hotel, hosted by Faithful-to-Nature, who has made it their mission to gather the best in organic childcare across their website!

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