My Birthday Wishlist

So next week is my birthday! Another year older and wiser. For this very reason – I am making this list.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my wise years, is that you have to be clear about what you want AND you have to put it out there!

If you don’t, the opportunity may just pass you by….

This worked out well for me when I wrote my Christmas wishlist to Santa last year…. so who knows, it may just work out again and my birthday-fairy-god-husband may just see this one too. You never know!

So, this is my list…

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Cute Easter Ideas For Kids


It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing for Christmas, doesn’t it?

Now the countdown to the Easter weekend has begun and the kids are looking forward to treats from the Easter Bunny!

Alyssa and Aidan are super excited for what’s to come this week, but it’s not all about the chocolates! We’ve already started getting into the spirit, but I’ve still got a few things up my sleeve to keep them occupied, entertained and informed during this special time.  

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Aidans Dinosaur Party @ Bugz Play Park

On Sunday we celebrated Aidan’s 2nd birthday in true Dinosaur style at Bugz Playpark. My kids absolutely love this spot, ever since we visited there last year!

Bugz offers a range of different party themes and venues in the playpark for kids of all ages and we were super excited to hear they recently added a Dinosaur theme to that list. In fact, Aidan’s was the very first Dinosaur party hosted at Bugz! 

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Aidan Turns 2

Aidan Cole Malan is Two-Years-Old today!

Hip, Hip, Hooray” – Those are the words he’s been animatedly shouting around the house this week and even singing Happy Birthday to himself.

This has probably been the fastest two years of my life & it fills my heart with joy watching this little man fearlessly loving life!

For the first year of his life, Aidan was a genuine Mommy’s boy and didn’t care for much else. However, from the day he turned 1, it’s as if he made a decision to explore what else the world has to offer besides Mommy dearest. Just like that, he decided Breastfeeding was for babies and he weaned himself off within days of his first birthday. He transitioned from crawling to walking practically overnight and from that moment, everything changed.

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