3 Signs You’re Living With a “Threenager”


We’ve all heard about the ’terrible twos’. Two year old’s have a reputation for being a handful, but what I’ve come to learn is that the ‘threenager’ phase is what parents need to be wary of!

At the age of two, they can be quite defiant, but at the age of 3 they can actually talk a lot more and with that, their attitude is beginning to fully develop!

A Threenager is a willful three-year old with the attitude capability of a sixteen year-old!  They are most likely just completed their potty training and can’t help his or her feisty and demanding little self.

As Aidan turns 4 this month, I am sure that this phase was just another stage of development which will pass. So you can say I’m quite experienced in identifying a “threenager” & here are 3 signs that can help you identify if you have a feisty dictator of a three-year old taking over your home:

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5 Tips For Improving Self Confidence In Our Daughters

Improving self confidence daughters

As the World celebrated International Women’s Day last week, it was refreshing to see just how far we have come. It also got me thinking just how important, improving self confidence in our daughters is. It’s actually such a big part of being a Mom!

We all want our daughters to have sense of confidence. It’s an important trait to have throughout their lives.

Alyssa is naturally an independent, confident 6-year-old girl, but I know that as she gets older and becomes influenced by her peers, society and everything else – she’ll probably start questioning that confidence that currently comes naturally.

There are a few simple conversations and actions that I’m trying that I think could help her maintain and improve that sassy self-confidence of hers.

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Stop Comparing & Celebrate Your Individuality!

Stop Comparing

So many of us find ourselves in the toxic situation of comparing ourselves to people that we see online, or people we work with, family members, “influencers”, friends or even celebrities.

It sometimes makes us envious and we feel sad, depressed or even angry! We are all human and these emotions can make us crumble when we are already feeling low.

But this is really not the way to live!

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