My Christmas Wishlist

Xmas wishlist

Dear Santa (AKA Kurt)

Once again, I’ve been a really good girl this year!

I know you find great difficulty in selecting the perfect gift for me, so being the good girl that I am – I thought I’d make things really simple for you this year by providing you with my own personal Christmas wishlist.

Use it or lose it, but I thought I’d spare you the time of wandering around the malls aimlessly trying to find me something you think I may like.

I’m not fussy, you can get me any one or more or even all of the gifts on the list. I’m easy like that!

For some reason my list turns out to be quite a pink one – clearly 2017 has been all about Millenial pink!

So here’s my list:

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Bugz Turned 10 And It Was The Best Party EVER!

On 09 December 2017, the Western Cape’s largest and most beloved playpark celebrated a huge milestone birthday.  Bugz Playpark marked their 10th birthday with an exclusive bash to celebrate a decade of parties, play dates, and fun – and we got to join in the celebrations.

Besides having access to the entire park and rides, guests were treated to a fun-filled day with a mime artist, a magic show, character parade, games and THE most amazing birthday cake!

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Festive Giveaways: Winners Announcement

Are you in the festive mood yet, as much as these two are?

I am truly blessed to experience the joy of this special time through the eyes of these little ones.  As they wake up every morning, their excitement to find Elfie and open up the advent calendar is just so contagious.

Well, if you aren’t feeling it as much as they are just yet, but you happen to find your name on the list of winners below – I have a funny feeling that mood of yours will change all too quickly!

Drum roll please….

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The CUTEST Festive Clothing And Gifting From Cotton On Kids


The festive excitement at home is building up more and more each day (if thats even possible). Each morning Alyssa and Aidan are having fun so much  finding the little Elfie who visits from the North Pole and opening up the advent calendar. That really revs up their festive spirit.

But what really gets them going is when they’re dressed up in their festive wear! It’s as if they get into character when they slip on their Santa gear!

Every year, I seem to find the cutest festive attire at Cotton On Kids – and this year was no different. In fact, it’s the cutest yet!

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