Some Books My Kids Are Enjoying Right Now

Books My Kids Are Enjoying

It’s World Book Day today! Yay!

I’m a firm believer of reading to children as their brains are literally like sponges that take in every single word!

As my kids are getting older I am enjoying seeing Alyssa reading on her own and also reading to Aidan. Aidan is also starting to identify words in books which makes me so happy.

With it being World Book Day today, I thought I’d share some books these two are enjoying at the moment.

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Pickled Fish Recipe Courtesy Of Steenberg Executive Chef Kerry Kilpin

pickled fish

I received the most thoughtful Easter Gift from Steenberg today- a bag of Easter goodies including Pickled Fish Terrine courtesy of Chef Kerry Kilpin off her menu at Steenberg’s Tryn Restaurant.

You may remember that we visited Steenberg not too long ago and how much we enjoyed it, so I was thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift.

The gift also included a traditional pickled fish recipe from Chef Kerry which was perfectly timed as I planned to make it tonight. The recipe recommended Cape Bream but also yellow tail which I planned on making which is another Cape pickled fish favourite.

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My Home Office Reveal & How You Can Win A Room Makeover Of Your Own

home office

It’s been a couple of weeks since I am working in my new home office and I must admit – it has brought so much happiness and inspiration!

The best part is that I can now “leave work”, lock up my office and “go home”. It may be a few footsteps apart but work is now work and home is now home.

Thanks to the pandemic, up until recently I was working from our living room and Kurt was working from the kitchen. It was just getting too overwhelming and that’s when we decided to convert our granny flat into our office space.

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An Old Cupboard Transformed Into A Pegboard Gym & Office Storage

Some of you may have been following my home office project on my Instagram or Facebook pages.

If you haven’t, Kurt and I basically decided to declutter the granny flat on our property, which just became a storage space over the years, into our home office.

Inside one of the rooms, there’s was an old cupboard that didn’t look great at all. Kurt and I were about to break it down and get rid of it. However, thanks to Studio Taryn B who I’ve collaborated with on this project, convinced me to keep it.

Her idea was brilliant – the cupboard is not just my office storage space but also has a pegboard storage solution for my home gym equipment.

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