Preparing Your Baby For A Change In Routine



Nothing in life is constant, change is inevitable. Unfortunately,  many Moms have to face the harsh reality and get back to work after just a few months of maternity leave – just like I had to.

The thought of being away from your little one is absolutely daunting, regardless of who will be looking after baby. Be it a family member, Daycare or Nanny who will be watching your child, you have to have prepare yourself and your little one for that change in routine.

We’ve had a few changes in routine over the past few years.With Alyssa, my Mom took care of her after I went back to work, up until she was about 19 months. Then she stayed with a Nanny up until she went to pre-school. The same Nanny now looks after Aidan.

I thought I’d share some tips which helped our family transition through some of these changes – perhaps it could help you:

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