Loving two

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Comparing Bumps

As of late I’ve had sleepless nights wondering how it would be possible for me to love my unborn baby as much as Alyssa. I couldn’t help but wonder. How on earth is it possible to share your love equally? Surely the bond between a Mother and her first born is stronger?

People say that when your second child is born you don’t halve your love you double it, but I was really struggling to fathom this. I  really wasn’t planning on discussing this at all as I was a bit ashamed about these feelings, but once I read a poem  I recently found, I knew I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last.  It literally had me in tears… these d@mn pregnancy hormones!!! I am going to read this every time I have the slightest feeling of doubt that “doubling” my love is not possible! Here it is:

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