Am I The Only One Spending A Fortune On Groceries Every Month – Follow Up Post


Just over 6 weeks ago, I shared my frustration about the enormous amount of money I’ve been spending on groceries. Judging by the responses to the post, it seems that I am not the only one who’s feeling the crunch and looking for ways to save and get the most value out of our money – including other bloggers like Zoe from Born Geek and Natalija from Frugal in SA.

Since then I’ve been very conscious about my spending on groceries and Kurt and I have made a few changes, especially with regard to our meals in the evening – which is probably the meal we spend the most on. Previously, we would just decide on the day what we felt like eating that evening and cook that. On occasion, we were also very indecisive and ended up getting Nando’s or other take-aways, which is not that cheap to feed a family of four.

I can’t say exactly how much we’ve saved just yet, but there have been some notable differences after making these few changes:

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Am I The Only One Spending A Fortune On Groceries Every Month?

9720776256_bea4cf4f25_oThis post has been in draft for a while, but after yet another month of enormous shopping bills – I thought I would share my frustration.

Here is some context: Kurt and I moved in together in 2006 and we were on a very tight budget, having just started out and bought our first home. I clearly remember budgeting about R500 a month for groceries and toiletries – and believe it or not, it was enough.

Well, fast forward 10 years and we are now spending more than 10 times that amount!

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I was soooooo excited to see that Zara will be opening in Tygervalley centre very soon. The location is way more convenient for me as I will now be able to visit the store during my lunch break 🙂

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