A Few Life Lessons Blogging Has Taught Me

life lessons blogging has taught meThis month marks 5 years since the launch of my blog. It’s really crazy to think that I’ve been blogging for so long!

Blogging has taught me a lot. It has opened up the door for so many amazing opportunities and I have learned so much about myself and how I handle things.  Through this platform, I have gained not only a creative outlet, but it’s also something that constantly challenges me to grow as a person.

As I reflect back over the last five years, there are a few important life lessons that blogging has taught me:

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8 Simple Ways to Find Joy in Day To Day Life


I always admire people who notice the silver lining. Sometimes I am the person who notices it, but other times I can’t help but focus on the darkness of the cloud and I end up spending way too much time on what will happen if that cloud should burst! At that time it seems so hard to find joy in day to day life.

It’s so easy to go down that negative train of thought and often it is needless.

Positive energy is also infectious, so I try to train my brain to look for a positive which helps me stay cool, calm and collected.

Here are a few ways I do just that:

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Be Marvel Be More & Win


Why do Kids love the Marvel characters so much?

They are not so much interested in the movie plots but more about what their favourite hero gets up to.

At first I was a bit concerned about Aidan’s obsession with these characters but the more and more I observe, I quite like how he admires the characters perseverance and how they often rise to impossible challenges!

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The Cheese Club Launches Something For All Braai & Roast Lovers

roastWho doesn’t love a lovely Sunday Roast or Braai with family and friends?

Our weekends always seem so short and it can sometimes feel very overwhelming to shop and prepare  meals when having guests over. I always end up forgetting something and have to take another trip or two back to the shops!

I jumped for joy when I heard the news that The Cheese Club (sister company of Daily Dish now offers a delectable Sunday Roast Box, Slow Roast Box and Weekend Braai Box.

The Cheese Club sent us A Sunday Roast Box and Weekend Braai Box to try out and it literally has everything you need to host the most perfect braai or Sunday roast! 

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